• Reduced slowdown issues around Failed Tramway.
  • Initial optimisation improvements.
  • Added Cornifer ambient hum and paper trail.
  • Fixed Soul Vessel sometimes not displaying on first collect.
  • Fix for Kingdom’s Edge soft-lock.
  • Fixed Geo collection slow-down.
  • Fixed Quick Cast keyboard map not saving between play sessions.
  • Increased effects on colosseum Shade location.
  • Various small scene fixes.
  • Relinked missing dialogues for Lemm & Leg Eater.
  • Fixed various spelling/grammatical errors in Game Text.
  • Restored Cloth event in Dirtmouth.
  • Fixed issue where dying in a dream with Joni’s Blessing equipped left you with 1 HP on waking up.
  • Fixed Issue with Dash Slash effects sometimes disappearing.
  • Fixed an issue where defeating Shade and quickly exiting scene didn’t restore Soul Orb.
  • Dream Pin and Bench Pin fixes for map.
  • Fixed Collector’s spawned creatures sometimes not dealing damage.
  • Fixed issue with Mantis Traitor battle becoming unbeatable.
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