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A fly-like construct formed of white shell and a dark liquid interior.

The bugs of Hallownest believed that their King created this world and everything in it. For what purpose, I wonder? Were his subjects companions, or toys, or children? Such a mind seems unknowable.

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Wingmoulds are enemies in Hollow Knight. They are Void constructs made by the Pale King for an unknown purpose.[1][2]

Behaviour and Tactics

Floats in place, dealing damage upon contact. Splits apart when hit, before reforming and regaining all health. While in this state, it does not deal contact damage, nor can it be attacked.

Wingmoulds can be both helpful and hindering. They can and often must be used as pseudo-platforms for Nail-bouncing or as infinite sources of SOUL since they cannot be permanently killed but give SOUL every time they are hit.

Attacking a Wingmould counts as one kill for its Hunter's Journal entry.


Wingmoulds are found only within the White Palace.



  • Their Hunter's Journal entry is automatically unlocked after picking up the White Fragment.
  • Cannot be read by the Dream Nail.
  • Wingmoulds technically have a health value of 999; however, this value is reset every time they reform, making them have effectively infinite health.
    • This also makes the Wingmould the only "invincible" enemy that can actually be damaged, rather than blocking damage or having no hitbox.

Killing a Wingmould

  • Although "invincible", if a mod or a save editor is used to modify the damage of an attack to a value of 999 or more, they can actually be killed.
    • Once killed, infection-coloured clouds emit from their bodies (even though they are not infected) and a Crawlid corpse drops, along with Geo.png 2.


  1. Wingmould Hunter's Journal entry: "A fly-like construct formed of white shell and a dark liquid interior."
  2. The hidden workshop in the White Palace.
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