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The Weavers were a tribe of spiders[1] that used to reside deep in the recesses of Deepnest in their own den. Despite bearing resemblance to the other creatures in Deepnest such as the Deepling, they came from outside of Hallownest and established their own history and culture in Deepnest.[2][3]

The weavers once crafted stories, shields, and spells on their looms. The charm Grimm Troupe Icon.png Weaversong is a remnant of what the Weavers could create with their talents.[4] In Weavers' Den, a seal can be found which is almost identical to the Seal of Binding seen in the Grimm Troupe Icon.png Path of Pain.

The species left Hallownest and returned to their old home[2] after signs of the Infection began to appear in Deepnest.[3]

A Weaver appears at the entrance of the Weaver's Den after the Knight has picked up Weaversong. This Weaver will remain standing near the entrance but will scuttle out when the Knight gets closer. It is the final and only appearance of a living Weaver in the game, disregarding the infected Little Weavers that can be found throughout Deepnest.



Dream Nailing the Weaver corpses in Weavers' Den From the bottom corpses to the top corpses:
  • ...Herrah...
  • ...Princess...
  • ...For protection...
  • ...For bargain made...



  • The Weavers were originally supposed to appear in the game as a regular enemy early in development but did not make the cut in the long run for unknown reasons. They were referred to as a Spider Mage and would lurk in the darkest corners of Hallownest.[5]
  • There is a Weaver wrapped up in webs seen in the Silksong trailer.


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