Both of the following beings are forms that The Knight takes during two endings of the game, and are considered to be an advancement from the first form to the next; as the Void given Focus is to happen after the Void given Form becomes “ascended” through Godmaster Icon.png Godhome. Both are similar but with varying attributes. In addition, each state also correlates with a new description and form of the Godmaster Icon.png Void Idol.

Void given Form

Lord of Shades.png

Proposed to be the "Lord of Shades", this form of the Void Entity resembles both the Knight and the Shade of the Knight. The being’s form is similar to a shade but has tendrils sprouting off the back and a still-formed body rather than just a cloak.

This is the form that the Knight takes during the Dream No More ending. This ending can only be accessed after obtaining the Void Heart. Before getting this charm, the creature where the Shade Cloak is acquired has Dream Nail dialogue that presumably relates to this Void entity. It can be accessed only with the Awoken Dream Nail and states:

"...Void... Power... Without unity..."

This dialogue will change when Void Heart is acquired, after which it states:

"...Lord of Shades..."

It is suggested by both this dialogue and the description of Void Heart that after the Knight gets Void Heart, the Void is united by a Lord of Shades, which is presumably the Knight.

A statue of this entity is seen in the Hall of Gods after defeating all bosses on ascended difficulty.

Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster Content

Void given Focus

God of Gods.png

Otherwise referred to as the "God of Gods" by Godseeker and "ShadeLord" in the game's files. This form of the Void Entity resembles no beings seen elsewhere. It is a massive Void being with a spiked head, four arms, eight glowing white eyes, and a series of flailing tendrils that trail behind it.

After defeating the Absolute Radiance in the Pantheon of Hallownest, this Void entity is seen, as well as during the Embrace the Void ending cutscene. Its scream can be heard during the cutscene that plays after defeating Pure Vessel in the Pantheon of the Knight. The Pantheon of Hallownest cannot be entered without having Void Heart, suggesting a possible link between Void Heart and this entity.

A statue of this entity is seen in the Hall of Gods after defeating all bosses on radiant difficulty.



  • Godmaster Icon.png Prior to v1.4.2.8, the text for the statue in the Hall of Gods for Void given Focus was "Void given mind".
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