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Vessels are genderless[1][2] beings of the Void who were created by the Pale King as a means of stopping the Infection. They are described as the progeny of the Pale King[3] and the spawn of the White Lady,[4] containing the "soul" of the two beings.[5] The area within the Abyss known as the "birthplace" is assumed to be the location as to where the Vessels originated from.[6] This area is where most of them were discarded following the Pale King’s search for a pure Vessel.[7]

Eventually, one Vessel was judged to be pure and was chosen to seal the Radiance within themself.[8] This Vessel was named the Hollow Knight.

During the birthplace cutscene, the following dialogue is presented:

  • No mind to think.
  • No will to break.
  • No voice to cry suffering.
  • Born of God and Void.

This dialogue comes from Pale King and appears to be referring to the Hollow Knight - also present at the top of the Abyss aside the Pale King himself.

The Siblings found at the bottom of the Abyss are implied to be the Shades that originate from the shells of deceased Vessels. From this enemy and the Lost Kin boss, it can be interpreted that all Vessels are siblings. Hornet calls the Hollow Knight the sibling of both her and of the Knight,[9] further suggesting a sibling relationship.[10]

After the Hollow Knight was lead out of the Abyss, the Pale King sealed the Abyss[7] with a seal that could only be broken by somebody with the King's Brand, locking most of the other Vessels inside. Other Vessels can be found scattered across the world and the Knight starts their journey outside of the Abyss in Howling Cliffs. This suggests that despite being locked away, some Vessels still managed to find a method to escape.[11]

The Knight

The Knight is the Vessel that the player controls throughout the game. They escaped the Abyss and wandered outside of Hallownest for unknown reasons.[12] The Dreamers suggest that they only returned to Hallownest after a call from either the Radiance or the Hollow Knight.[13]

The Knight-4.png

The Hollow Knight/Pure Vessel

Also known as the "Pure Vessel", as they are referred to on the Abyss entrance Lore Tablet,[14] or simply "the Vessel".[15] The Hollow Knight is the Vessel chosen by the Pale King with the task to seal the Radiance. Unlike most of their siblings, the Hollow Knight is said to be fully-grown.[16] Although they were thought to be a pure Vessel, they were ultimately unable to contain the Infection forever- leading to the events of the game.

Armoured Vessel.png

Broken Vessel/Lost Kin

A hollowed-out shell of a fallen Vessel found in the Ancient Basin reanimated by Lightseeds.[17] The Infection drove it mad but also made it stronger. It still carries many of the skills it possessed.[18]

Broken Vessel-3.png

Greenpath Vessel

This Vessel's body is found in Greenpath, in the same area that Hornet is located in when she first fights the Knight. They are equipped with the Mothwing Cloak which is passed on to the Knight once their corpse is inspected.

Greenpath Vessel.png

Deepnest Vessels

Nosk's arena in Deepnest has several Vessel corpses hung up in the background. These Vessels escaped the Abyss and somehow ended up in Deepnest.

Deepnest Vessel.png

Abyss Vessels

A large portion of the ground of the Abyss is covered in the shells of dead Vessels - particularly the whole of the birthplace area seems to be composed entirely of Vessel shells. They are shown to fall from the top of the Abyss in the scene before the Knight acquires the Void Heart Charm.

Abyss Vessel.png

Godmaster Icon.png Godhome Cutscene Vessels

The scene that is shown after the Knight defeats Pure Vessel in the Pantheon of the Knight depicts numerous Vessels in front and behind the Knight and the young Hollow Knight. The setting seems to take place in the Abyss.

Godhome Vessel.png


Vessel egg located at the bottom of the Birthplace with Void tendrils attached.

  • On the west end of the Birthplace, which is located at the bottom of the Abyss, is an egg with Void tendrils attached to it. This may imply that the Void possessed and hollowed out the vessels before they had even hatched from their eggs.


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