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When all Vessel Fragments have been collected, the name of the Inventory item changes to Soul Vessel

Vessel Fragments are Items in Hollow Knight.


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Vessel Fragments are parts of Soul Vessels. 3 Vessel Fragments complete a Soul Vessel and increases the Knight's maximum SOUL by 33. When the main Soul meter has empty space, any SOUL stored in the Vessels will automatically fill up the main meter after a short delay.

The Nail acquires SOUL for the Soul Vessels at a reduced rate, only providing 6 SOUL.

  • Soul Catcher increases this to 8 SOUL.
  • Soul Eater increases this to 12 SOUL.
  • These effects stack, giving 14 SOUL if both are equipped.

All other sources of SOUL do not fill Soul Vessels at a reduced rate, instead filling them at their normal rate.

With a total of 9 Vessel Fragments in the game, 3 Soul Vessels can be acquired, doubling the maximum amount of SOUL that can be carried (99 + (33 x 3)).

How to Acquire

There are a total of 9 Vessel Fragments to be found in the game:

Source Conditions / Requirements Map
1. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo550 n/a Mapshot HK Vessel Fragment 01
2. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo900 Shopkeeper's Key Mapshot HK Vessel Fragment 01
3. Found in Greenpath near the inaccessible Queen's Gardens entrance n/a Mapshot HK Vessel Fragment 02
4. Left of the lift in Forgotten Crossroads Unlocking the lift in City of Tears Mapshot HK Vessel Fragment 03
5. Found above King's Station near a lift n/a Mapshot HK Vessel Fragment 04
6. Found in Deepnest above the working tram n/a Mapshot HK Vessel Fragment 05
7. Found at the beginning of the Stag Nest Opening all Stag Stations Mapshot HK Vessel Fragment 06
8. Given by the Seer Collecting 700 Essence Mapshot HK Vessel Fragment 07
9. Found in the fountain in Ancient Basin Dropping Geo3000 into the fountain Mapshot HK Vessel Fragment 08


Achievement Soulful Soulful
Acquire 3 Vessel Fragments
Achievement Worldsoul Worldsoul
Acquire all Vessel Fragments


  • While the fountain in the Ancient Basin will always ask "Drop all Geo into the fountain?", only a total of Geo3000 will be added. Any extra will not be subtracted.
Early Vessel Fragment
  • There are unused sprites found in the game files which suggest that a Soul Vessel originally consisted of only two Vessel Fragments, showing two halves which needed to be collected to acquire a full Soul Vessel. The "A Weird and Wonderful World" trailer also shows Sly selling one half of a Soul Vessel.[1] This was changed to three fragments for the final release.
    • This might be why Sly still refers to his two Vessel Fragments as being a complete set.
  • The music heard after acquiring three Vessel Fragments originates from a short sample track that was posted when Christopher Larkin was hired as the game's composer.[2]


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