• TheEmbracedOne

    Dear Contributors and Readers,
    After many months of battling a constant surge of comments that go against the Rules of Conduct, the admin team has made the decision to turn off comments on the wiki.

    You can use Discussions to talk about strategies, builds and other, wiki- or game-related topics. Please be mindful of the Discussion Guidelines however.

    Not knowing the rules will not make you exempt from punishment.

    • Registered users may receive a month ban for first offences, depending upon the severity of the vandalism and mod discretion.
      • Vandalism includes both the addition of objectionable items, as well as destructive deletion.
    • Do not leave messages in the article.
    • Do not include opinions in the article.
    • No edit warring. If you and another editor di…

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  • TheEmbracedOne

    We introduced Rules of Conduct on the Wiki not long ago and with that in mind, we are opening a position for a comment moderator(s).

    The role would entail

    • Keeping an eye on incoming comments and deleting those violating said rules, giving the user the relevant warning.
    • Giving the admins a list of cases where admin action is needed e.g. a ban
    • Be on the Wiki Discord so admins and editors can easily communicate with you
    • Ideally, you'll have at least 500 local contributions, but if you have a lot of global contributions, we're open to discussion too.

    Please PM me with your:

    • interest and motivation
    • local and global contribs
    • availability
    • previous experience with moderation (on Wikis or outside of Wikis), if applicable.
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  • TheEmbracedOne

    Hollow Knight and Hollow Knight: Silksong contents will be hosted on separate Wikis. 

    For content that appears in both games, on both Wiki's page there will be notification on the top of the page that allows the user easy access to the other Wiki's page; for example, on the Hollow Knight Wiki, there'll be such a notification on Hornet's page that will link to the Silksong Wiki's Hornet page, and vice versa.

    Where relevant, both Wikis will link to the other Wikis just like when we interlink on the same Wiki between pages, from a user point of view, this will be no different. From an editor point of view, we'll be using full URLs instead of the usual code, but this is trivial.

    Should the need arise, we can make a separate Lore wiki for HK where…

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  • TheEmbracedOne

    As you may or may not know, Chadwal , founder of this wiki has been inactive since 5th April. I have left a message on his wall , asking if I could PM him because I wanted to talk to him about adopting the wiki, due to him being rather inactive even before the above date. I have received no reply since.

    Due to this, I am also unable to promote Zigmatism , a very active and regular contributor to admin status, leaving me with only one option, to adopt the wiki.

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