aka Used to be Mini39928

  • I live in constant denial
  • I was born on February 6
  • My occupation is jobless plz give
  • I am Super Extra
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Welcome to the utopia for the broken hearted. ❤

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My old account used to be Mini39928 but I have migrated here now!

Please enjoy your stay.

(This spot to edit all you want)

Omg your new page looks amaziiiing queen ❤ ~Blood Red

I love all the charms you added, luv from fish :D

ps. I think you add THE twice -Bluefish

Contributions. ❤

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Just about every single page on the wiki.

My to do list is a mess and way too long to post here.

I am adding gameplay videos to the pages, no one steal my job pls k thanks.

Watch your edits cause I'm always going through every single one!


Starting on the Silksong Wiki Yay!

Other Thoughts. ❤

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Good friends include:

  1. Best Friend
  2. Dad
  3. Blu
  4. Sargent General of the 54th corps

I love cats even though I'm super allergic to them.

One day The Embraced One will return my moderator role to me, one day hopefully.

Don't take drugs!

This place makes me wonder.

I was the queen but not the queen of anything.

Praying to a ghost.

Don't have anything to think about but thoughts.

Dark familiarity.

Oh BTW. ❤

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I also have a HK themed Discord of my own if you're ever interested in joining a smaller community we do cool stuff on there --> .

Team Cherry Twitter ❤

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B Mossfly

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