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The greater mind once dreamed of leaf and cast these caverns so. In every bush and every vine the mind of Unn reveals itself to us.
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Unn is an NPC in Hollow Knight found in a pool of acid in the Lake of Unn. She gifts the Shape of Unn Charm.


Unn is a higher being who is responsible for all life in Greenpath.[2] The temple-like structure at the edge of the Lake of Unn was a place where she was worshipped.[3] She once existed with land and dream and devotion, though over time her strength faded.[4]

The Mosskin were made from the dream of Unn.[5] Unn is calling to the Mosskin, who are waiting for the call to return.[1][6][7]

In-game events

Unn is located in a pool in the southwest portion of the Lake of Unn. Landing next to this pool will cause her to rise up, stare at the Knight for a moment, and then spit out the Shape of Unn Charm before sinking back into the water.

Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster Content

Unn can be seen in Godhome in the Pantheon of Hallownest as a sleeping mass. Godseeker mentions that she can barely feel Unn's presence anymore.


Unn can be found in a secret room under the Lake of Unn.



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