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Master of the Stage, the Brush and the Voice, the flamboyant butterfly Trobbio seeks fame and adoration throughout Pharloom.
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Trobbio is an upcoming NPC and boss in Hollow Knight: Silksong, first revealed in the game's announcement trailer.

Trobbio only makes a single appearance in the announcement trailer; he is shown in a dark room with several light fixtures visible in the background, alongside a large bell symbol. He stands opposite Hornet, before hunching over as several plumes of steam erupt from the floor. Before long, he raises up and loudly shouts his name, expanding his wings with a scarlet flash as confetti erupts from most of the areas the plumes of steam previously erupted from.

His name was later directly revealed in a blog post,[2] which described him as the "Master of the Stage, the Brush and the Voice", and states he is seeking fame and adoration throughout Pharloom.




  • Although he was revealed under the "New Bosses" title card in the announcement trailer, in the Silksong press kit, his art is labelled under the NPCs section.[3]
  • Trobbio is named after his voice actor, Hacknet creator Matt Trobbiani.[1]


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