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Due to changes in planning Hollow Knight and Hollow Knight: Silksong will now be kept on this wiki. The wiki is currently in a reformatting stage and as such, it would be preferable to further hold off from adding any pages related to Silksong.

Additional Content

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To-Do Status User
Add Radiant videos and other gameplay guides to pages WIP MolaMola7


To-Do Status User
Upload Enemy pages gallery screenshots (Keep in mind the screenshot requirements) SEMI-DONE(It has at least 1 photo per enemy) Any0nesdfgh


To-Do Status User


To-Do Status User
Add music and ambience tracks to Areas and subareas (example: City of Tears). Working on three of them Blood Red 83
Add more "Special rooms" to Areas (example: Godhome). WIP Bongo Jr.
Add references Done Sumwan


To-Do Status User
Separate the Dreamers page in 3, one for each Dreamer. Done Sumwan
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