Senses the pain of its bearer and lashes out at the world around them.

When taking damage, sprout thorny vines that damage nearby foes.



Thorns of Agony when triggered

The thorns will deal damage equal to the base damage of the nail (Fragile Strength will not affect this) and may hit twice if the enemy remains in range. Smaller enemies will tend to be knocked back before the second hit, but large enemies resistant to knockback will take two hits. The main downside of this charm is that it deals damage without collecting SOUL, and in some situations, it may kill easier enemies that would have been useful for regaining SOUL.

The animation for Thorns of Agony will also take up invincibility frames as the player has no control over the Knight until the animation is over. This reduces the amount of invincibility frames that the Knight has to move or reposition.

This charm is particularly useful when fighting multiple enemies at the same time, especially in the Colosseum of Fools.

Not recommended in Fog Canyon as damaging Oomas will make them burst, releasing their explosive core that home in on The Knight, dealing high damage.

How to Acquire

Found in Greenpath in a maze of thorns. Requires Mothwing Cloak to reach.

Charm Interactions

Baldur Shell

Baldur Shell

Thorns of Agony will activate if the Baldur Shell is triggered, even if the Knight has not taken damage.
Carefree Melody

Grimm Troupe Icon Carefree Melody

Thorns of Agony will still trigger even if damage was negated by Carefree Melody.