Highly intelligent bug that uses arcane knowledge to twist soul into vicious spells.

I have heard others talk about 'soul' but I do not understand what it actually is. I do know that freshly killed meat tastes best - is that because the 'soul' still clings to it?

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Soul Twisters are enemies in Hollow Knight. They are scholars of the Soul Sanctum who have learnt how to harness the power of Soul, which they twist into spells and use to teleport.[1][2]

Behaviour and Tactics

Appearing out of thin air upon entering their territory, this enemy will first conjure an orb to protect them, or will already have an orb upon teleporting into battle. Afterwards, it will pursue the Knight by teleporting and conjure homing offensive orbs to attack with. Teleports frequently around their territory, making it difficult to hit and impossible to corner. They will hover a certain distance away from the Knight at all times, though they must remain stationary to conjure an orb. If the Knight enters an area they cannot teleport to, they will teleport out of the vicinity but will return once the Knight re-enters their territory and resume the battle.

It is recommended to use Nail Arts such as Great Slash to dispatch them quickly. Dash Slash can also help close the range with them.

If neither of these options are available, the best tactic then is to wait for the enemy to conjure an offensive orb and then rush in to attack it after avoiding its projectile, as it cannot teleport immediately after firing a projectile. Depending on their location, avoiding the orb can be as simple as jumping over or dashing. Utilizing the terrain to prevent them from attacking from disadvantageous positions is also advised. Forcing them into smaller rooms and hallways where they have fewer angles of attack is also recommended to make dodging more predictable, and to make it easier to get in hits. Vengeful Spirit is also useful for attacking at range, as they do not deliberately teleport to avoid projectiles.

Fleeing from these enemies is very difficult, as they will relentlessly teleport after the Knight upon their activation. They will not follow the Knight into other rooms marked via a screen transition, however.

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  • ...I feel them within me...
  • ...Power...Light...Rage...
  • ...Mind swells...Mind aches...


They appear in the Soul Sanctum, only to the east of the Soul Master arena. They also appear in the 9th, 10th, 11th and 17th waves of the Trial of the Fool.



  1. Soul Twister Hunter's Journal entry: "Highly intelligent bug that uses arcane knowledge to twist soul into vicious spells."
  2. Wanderer's Journal, p. 75.
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