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Shade Soul is a Spell in Hollow Knight. It is the upgrade to Vengeful Spirit. Using it conjures a shadow that flies forward and damages enemies.


Press FOCUS/CAST or QUICK CAST without holding UP or DOWN to launch a projectile that passes through enemies and deals damage. The projectile now penetrates all objects in its path including walls and invulnerable parts of enemies, such as a shield or shell, but will not damage a fully protected enemy.


  • Flukenest turns the Shade Soul into a horde of black baby flukes that bounce around dealing damage.
    • When Flukenest is combined with Defender's Crest, it launches a single large fluke that explodes into a damage-dealing cloud of gas.
  • Shaman Stone increases the width of the projectile and increases the damage dealt by 33%.
  • Spell Twister lowers the SOUL cost to cast Shade Soul to 24 SOUL.

Damage Values

Charm Damage
None 30
Shaman Stone 40
Charm Damage Per Hit Total Damage
Flukenest 4 64
Flukenest + Shaman Stone 5 80
Charm Impact Damage Cloud Damage Total Damage
Flukenest + Defender's Crest 3 1 26
Flukenest + Defender's Crest + Shaman Stone 3 1 32

How to Acquire

Requires purchasing the Elegant Key from Sly in Dirtmouth after obtaining the Shopkeeper's Key.

The Spell is located behind a locked door in Soul Sanctum within the City of Tears. Requires defeating a Soul Warrior that continuously spawns Follies.


Mixed Fireball.png

  • There is an unused version of Shade Soul that consists of a mixture between a black Shade Soul and a white Vengeful Spirit much like how Abyss Shriek combines black souls with white Howling Wraiths.

Soul Snail.png

  • Shade Soul is obtained from a snail shaman linked to some kind of machine.