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Mothwing Cloak Shade Cloak

The Shade Cloak is an Ability in Hollow Knight. It allows for dashing through enemies and their attacks, as well as Shade Gates.


The Shade Cloak acts as an upgrade to the Mothwing Cloak.

Environmental hazards still deal damage. Dashing through most projectiles destroys the projectile.

The Shade Cloak has a small cooldown (1.5 sec) independent of the regular dash. This is indicated by shadow particles scattering around the Knight while it is on cooldown, then being absorbed into the Knight when it recharges. Dashing while the cooldown is in effect will result in a normal dash which does not phase through enemies.

The Dashmaster Charm does not reduce the Shade Cloak cooldown. It only reduces the normal dash cooldown.

Acquiring the Shade Cloak also unlocks new dialogue for Mask Maker.


The Sharp Shadow Charm causes the Shadow Dash to deal 1x Nail damage and increases dash length by 40%.

How to Acquire

Located in the Abyss, to the very east, beyond the sea of Void. The Knight must first climb the lighthouse on the west side of the sea and activate the light in order to suppress the Void Tendrils blocking access to the Shade Cloak room. Once there, standing inside the bowl of the Void fountain results in Void permeating the Knight before the ability is granted.

Hornet is the mysterious princess-protector of Hallownest’s ruins, a major character in Hollow Knight and the playable protagonist of Hollow Knight: Silksong. She wields a Needle and thread with deadly prowess.

Hornet is captured by outsider bugs and brought to their kingdom, Pharloom, but she escapes her cage before arriving at their destination. She then must battle foes and solve mysteries to ascend on a deadly pilgrimage to this kingdom's peak.

Health is represented as Masks, shown in the upper-left corner of the screen. Hornet starts the game with 5 Masks and can obtain more. Health is lost by taking damage, either from enemies or from environmental hazards. Health can be regained by the use of the Bind ability consuming a full Silk spool.

Lifeblood Masks, granted by Lifeblood needles, are temporary masks.

Silk is represented as a spool below the health indicator. Thread is consumed when using special abilities, including a form of Focus named Bind. Striking enemies with the Needle fills the spool by two laces. When the spool is full, the symbol representing the side of the spool left to the health indicator is filled.

The Needle is Hornet's main weapon. Not only can she use it to slash or block attacks against enemies, but also to dash forward, stab, and bounce up above them. She can also use it alongside her abilities to deal greater damage or as a grappling hook.

Tools are special items classed by categories, equipped on a Crest with limited slots. They can be used as throwing weapons or defensive aids without costing Silk. Crests and Tools can be changed when sitting on a Bench similar to Charms.

Abilities consume Silk thread to use them.

Hornet can collect and keep various items throughout her journey, which are stored in her inventory. They can be related to specific quests.

The following areas have no confirmed name, although the names used were mentioned in the official announcement. Other mentioned names include "Bonebottom", "Moss Temple", and "Soaring Warlord's Tower": "Coral Forest", "Gilded City", and "Lake of Fire/Bone Forest".

Garmond and Zaza are two NPCs first revealed in the Hollow Knight: Silksong announcement trailer. They are on a quest to find a new home. Garmond appears to be the rider, while Zaza appears to be mount.

Garmond and Zaza only appear once in the announcement trailer; they are seen during the "New Quests" segment. Within a dark, murky hallway with a visible curved lattice pattern in the background, Hornet is shown leaping over the two as they charge forward through a small group of enemies, while Garmond makes a loud vocalization.

They were later revealed in a blog post, which states that the two are on a quest to find a new home. Garmond is described as being rambunctious and chatty, while Zaza is noted to possibly be "the brains" of the two.

Elder Hu was a travelling sage who sought to purify the borderlands of Hallownest from the Infection. He reached the Mantis Village, but his own Infected mind made him see the Mantis Lords and the Tribe as afflicted by the plague. The Mantises killed him after he attacked them. A memorial was erected in his name above the gates to the City of Tears, his tunic and bead necklace resting on top of it.

The spirit of Elder Hu can be fought at his memorial after acquiring the Dream Nail. Still deluded in his experience with the Mantis Tribe, he warns the Knight. After his defeat, the spirit becomes aware of his madness-driven mistake. He realizes his own death before shattering into 100 Essence to be collected by the Dream Nail.

Elder Hu has two attacks in addition to being able to teleport:

Ring Slam: Elder Hu summons a row of rings in midair, interspersed with several safe gaps, before quickly slamming them all down onto the ground simultaneously.

Ring Curtain: Elder Hu summons pairs of rings that slam down on the ground, beginning from the edges of the arena and moving towards the centre.

Teleport: Elder Hu warps from one area to another to avoid attacks or set up his own.

The ring attacks require very precise movements to dodge as they come out quickly. The Shade Cloak is highly recommended, although not completely necessary. Elder Hu remains in place during the attacks, and his floating pattern is low enough to the ground, where attacking with the Nail is possible. Dodge the rings and get in some hits in between. Eventually, the rhythm of the attacks is easy to follow and the Knight should have no problem timing dashes and attacks.

Alternatively, the Knight can use Shade Cloak to dodge the Ring Slam attack and use Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek along with a Spell build (such as Shaman Stone, Spell Twister, Soul Catcher, and Soul Eater) to quickly finish him off.


  • The Knight may shadow dash downwards with the Dashmaster Charm equipped.
  • Hitting the creature holding the bowl without having the Awoken Dream Nail makes a possible seal appear over its head.
    • Hitting it with the Awoken Dream Nail gives the line "...Void... Power... Without unity..."
    • After acquiring the Void Heart it gives "...Lord of Shades..."