Seth is an upcoming NPC and boss in Hollow Knight: Silksong teased by Matthew "Leth" Griffin in the Hollow Knight Discord after members were able to solve a series of 2 riddles.

Little more is known about him except for a description and 2 gifs also provided by the same source.

"The Voice… has chosen me."

An eternal protector, waiting amidst tangled roots at the base of the Citadel. He guards a secret long forgotten and will attack any who stray too close.
Imbued with stamina and strength beyond a normal bug, he strikes up close or from a distance with blinding speed. With unwavering devotion, this ancient guardian will fight until the very end, and beyond.
Many of the Citadel’s caste have fallen to this deadly warrior. Those who encounter him should turn back, or else prepare for a vicious battle.

The character of Seth was developed together with Seth Goldman, who's a really cool young guy we were fortunate enough to meet and get to know. Thanks to the Marty Lyons Foundation for hooking us up with Seth. Huge thanks to Seth himself! And look forward to entering battle with his deadly bug warrior!



  • Seth was first revealed by his creator Seth Goldman in a Reddit post mentioning his meeting with Team Cherry as well as his struggle with Ewing Sarcoma, a type of cancer.[2]
  • Seth is the last of a series of NPCs teased using riddles provided by Matthew "Leth" Griffin that lasted throughout June to July of 2020, the others being Huntress, Grindle, and Caravan.
  • The riddles solved to reveal Seth required two passwords, the first one to open the initial file, the second to open the file within. The passwords were protector and bloom. The riddles and solutions are outlined below:
Riddle 1
"To find me, dream of a spider's web
A site with a wondrous view
I dwell among visions of dangerous foes
Near colored lands berry and blue"
Answer: Go to Silksong's official website, look at the green and blue screenshots.
"The visions' arrangement, left, right and left
Depicting an exciting story
Among words they lie there frozen in time
Anticipating tales of glory"
Answer:The screenshots are formatted left, right, left.
"To the west, green is nearly all I see
Where dangers are raining down
Among the ancient text here is hidden
A pass-word that may be found"
Answer: "Hornet, princess-protector" is in the text next to the green screenshot.
"To remove the lock we need the key
Ignoring the title we proceed finally
Now count the number of visions you see
And move through the text accordingly"
Answer: Ignore the title and pick the third word, "protector".
Final result: Protector

Riddle 2
"The Knight BEARS Them"
Answer: Charms
"Divine EATS X of Them"
Answer: Divine eats 3 Charms. X = 3.
"Salubra SELLS Y of Them"
Answer: Salubra sells 5 Charms. Y = 5.
AA ----------- (Divine's Gift)"
Answer: AA = Unbreakable
"BB --------- (Baby Flukes)"
Answer: BB = Flukenest
"CC --------- (Joni's Blessing)"
Answer: CC = Lifeblood
"DD ---------- (Weaverling Companionship)"
Answer: DD = Weaversong
"EE ----- ------ (Conjured Shield)"
Answer: EE = Dreamshield
"FF ---- ----- (Void Unifier)"
Answer: FF = Void Heart
"ARRANGE the WORDS to find the vertical KNIGHT."
Answer: Arrange the letters in each word to vertically spell out KNIGHT.
"TRANSLATE the WORDS to find the answer: -----
Answer: Move the words over by X or Y amount of spaces in the specified directions, for instance, move DD and FF up 5 for the first instruction.
BB:                           FLUKENEST
CC:             LIFEBLOOD
EE:                DREAMSHIELD
FF:                   VOID HEART
Going straight down from "B" in UNBREAKABLE, it shows BLOOM.
Final result: Bloom.


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  2. Reddit post from Seth Goldman
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