The Seer is a Moth found in the Resting Grounds, and the last surviving member of the moth tribe. She brings The Knight back to her house after they are trapped in the dream realm by the Dreamers.

She gives the Knight the Dream Nail, which grants access into the dreams of NPCs and enemies along with other abilities. She then urges the Knight to go and collect as much Essence as possible in order to fully awaken the Dream Nail.

The Seer tends the graves of the Resting Grounds and guides the Knight as penitence for her ancestors forgetting about their creator, The Radiance. When the Knight has collected 2400 Essence and returns to her, she will explain more about the history of Hallownest, after which she will dissipate into Essence.


Essence Reward
100 Hallownest Seal
200 Opens the Spirits' Glade
300 Pale Ore
500 Dream Wielder Charm
700 Vessel Fragment
900 Dream Gate
1200 Arcane Egg
1500 Mask Shard
1800 Awoken Dream Nail
2400 Ascension Achievement


In the Dream

First encounter

What a terrible fate they've visited upon you. To cast you away into this space between body and soul. Will you accept their judgement and fade slowly away? Or will you take the weapon before you, and cut your way out of this sad, forgotten dream?

If the player falls off the platform without accepting the Dream Nail

Though you may fall, your will shall carry you forward. A dream is endless, but a Kingdom is not. The power to wake this world from its slumber... you only need to reach out and take it.


First encounter

Ahhhh, you've returned. Welcome back to the waking world.

If left without talking

Ahhhh, you've found your way back to me. When you awoke you just up and left. I thought perhaps I'd frightened you.

Introducing herself

Those figures, those Dreamers... they reached out with what little power they still have and dragged you into that hidden place.

But that talisman you now wield, the Dream Nail... it can cut through the veil that separates the waking world from our dreams. Even the Dreamers themselves can not hide from such a weapon.

Though I must admit, that sacred blade has dulled over time. Together perhaps, we can restore its power. You only have to bring me Essence.

Essence... the precious fragments of light that dreams are made of. Collect it wherever you find it, and bring it to me. Once we have enough, we can work wonders together.

Go out into the world, Wielder. Hunt down the Essence that lingers there!

Collect 100 Essence and return to me. I will teach you more...

Generic greeting

Ah, Wielder, you've returned. Let me have a look at the Dream Nail...

Hinting at Whispering Roots

Essence can be found wherever dreams take root.

Have you seen them? Those whispering plants that grow all over this old Kingdom? I believe there is one just outside. Why not strike it with your Dream Nail, and see what happens?

Hinting at Warrior Graves

Sometimes dreams take the shape of those who have passed away. Such dreams are bountiful sources of Essence!

You should search carefully near graves and other monuments. Why, I believe I saw an interesting gravestone here in the Resting Grounds.

If you do decide to disturb those dreams though, be prepared for a fight...

Generic dialogue

This kingdom is full of old memories, both beautiful and grotesque. Seek them out, reveal them, and gather Essence.

Dream Nailed

What are you doing, poking about in a dusty old mind like mine? Nothing of worth is hidden inside, believe me.

But keep probing the world around you with your Dream Nail... Hidden things will reveal themselves.


Talking before obtaining 100 Essence

Collect 100 Essence and return to me. I will teach you more...

Talking again

Hm. You are still unpracticed in the way of dreams. Collect 100 Essence with the Dream Nail; visit me again and I will share what little wisdom I have.

Upon returning with 100 Essence

Hmm, already you've collected 100 Essence. Quick work! Things come naturally to you, don't they?

No wonder the Dreamers tried to bury you in that old dream. Perhaps you frighten them? Or perhaps, being prisoners themselves, they desired your company?

In any case, you still have a long way to go. Take this old trinket as encouragement from me, and return when you have collected 200 Essence.

Upon returning with 200 Essence

Ahh... Your Dream Nail holds over 200 Essence. You're proving your talent in its collection.

Have you seen that great door just outside? My tribe closed it long ago and forbade its opening.

Ah, but as far as I can tell I'm the only member of my tribe still breathing. That means I needn't feel bad about breaking a taboo. As proof of my belief in you, I'll open the door.

There, the door is open and you can enter the glade beyond it. Listen closely in there and you may hear the utterings of bugs long gone.

Talking again before obtaining 300 Essence

You and the Dream Nail both seem a little sharper, but you still have a long way to go. Return to me once you have collected 300 Essence.

This kingdom is full of old memories, both beautiful and grotesque. Seek them out, reveal them, and gather Essence.

Upon returning with 300 Essence

So you've collected 300 Essence... Yes, I can see the dreams of this old Kingdom are starting to cling to you. Very encouraging.

You've certainly made my dreary work here more exciting. Being the caretaker of this place hasn't been very stimulating.

I shouldn't complain though. Tending these graves and guiding the Wielder... all penitence for old crimes. Certain things have to be kept in balance.

Take this trinket for your efforts, and return with 500 Essence. Keep up your tireless work!

Talking again before obtaining 500 Essence

Ah, you have learned a lot about wielding the Dream Nail, haven't you? Return to me once you have collected 500 Essence and I will teach you more.

Upon returning with 500 Essence

Ahhhhh. 500 Essence. You're a master in the making. Well done! Well done! I've a small reward for you.

Plucked from one of my most precious memories, this Charm will bring you and the Dream Nail closer together still. The secrets of this kingdom won't be able to hide from you any longer!

Take it, and return once you have collected 700 Essence. More gifts await you...

Talking again before obtaining 700 Essence

Ah, you have learnt a lot about wielding the Dream Nail, haven't you? Return to me once you have collected 700 Essence and I will teach you more.

Upon returning with 700 Essence

So, you already have 700 Essence. I wonder whether the Dreamers are watching you as you work. Or even that old King.

That lock of theirs. Desperate, but very clever. I wonder how long they thought it could hold?

I hold no disdain for them though. As history goes on I grow numb to its repetitions.

Take your gift and continue collecting Essence. Once you have 900, come back and visit me.

Hidden Dreams Icon Talking again before obtaining 900 Essence

My my, you're almost starting to become a dream yourself! Once you have collected 900 Essence I'll teach you a trick that I've kept hidden for a long time...

Hidden Dreams Icon Upon returning with 900 Essence

The Dream Nail now holds 900 Essence within its core! Are you surprised that this old kingdom has so many hidden dreams?

Yes, you're starting to see them. The connections between us and the dreams we leave behind, like prints in the dust. The time has come for you to learn how to revisit the places connected to you!

Hold the Dream Nail tight, wielder, and imagine a great gate opening before you!

Talking again before obtaining 1200 Essence

Ahhh, the Dream Nail is glowing so brightly! Keep it up, return to me once you have collected 1200 Essence.

Upon returning with 1200 Essence

The Dream Nail glows bright... It holds over 1200 Essence. Looking into it I can see so many memories peering back at me. So many asking to be remembered.

None of us can live forever, and so we ask those who survive to remember us.

Hold something in your mind and it lives on with you, but forget it and you seal it away forever. That is the only death that matters.

Huh, so they say! Enough of that though. Take this relic and come back to me with 1500 Essence! Go!

Talking again before obtaining 1500 Essence

Ahhh, the Dream Nail is glowing so brightly! Keep it up, return to me once you have collected 1500 Essence.

Upon returning with 1500 Essence

Yes, I thought so. More than 1500 Essence. The Dream Nail is close... so close to fully awakening!

Continue on your path, Wielder. I know not what guides you, nor what will it is that drives your forward. Once you have collected 1800 Essence though, I will be here waiting.

Take this gift, may it grant you strength and help you to collect the Essence of this world!

Talking again before obtaining 1800 Essence

Incredible... the Dream Nail, it is so close to fully awakening! Collect more Essence! Once you have 1800 Essence, something truly marvellous will happen!

Upon returning with 1800 Essence

Yes. The time has come. The Dream Nail... And you as well, Wielder. It is time for you both to awaken.

The Essence you have collected...The hope that still remains in this old Kingdom. Pure potential! Let it course through you and into the Dream Nail.

Hold it aloft, Wielder! Awaken!

Ahhhh, ah ha, yes...

No dream can hide itself from you now. You can peer into the darkest places... You just need to find the right crack.

What will you do with such a power, Wielder? Whose memories will you hunt down?

Hah. Do as you wish, my promise is fulfilled. May the crimes of my tribe be washed away in time, like the rest of this Kingdom's...

Talking again before obtaining 2400 Essence

The Dream Nail has fully awoken, yet still you collect Essence. Perhaps I've instilled an obsession in you?

Keep at it, then! I'm happy to wait and watch your progress.

Once you have collected 2400 Essence, return to me. I've no more gifts to give... but you'd prove yourself the Wielder my tribe awaited.

Upon returning with 2400 Essence

So much Essence... So bright.... You truly are the Wielder my tribe so long has dreamed of.

The folk of my tribe were born from a light. Light similar to Essence, similar to that powerful blade, though much brighter still.

They were content to bask in that light and honoured it... for a time.

But another light appeared in our world... A wyrm that took the form of a king.

How fickle my ancestors must have been. They forsook the light that spawned them. Turned their backs to it... Forgot it even.

And so this kingdom was born from that betrayal. But the memories of that ancient light still lingered, hush whispers of faith... Until all of Hallownest began to dream of that forgotten light.

Ah, but what's done is done. And so am I. The Wielder has at last appeared and I've held the memories of my tribe for long enough. It is time for us to be forgotten too.

Don't remember us, Wielder. Don't honour us. We do not deserve it...

Aahh... I'm sorry...

Light... Radiance...

I... remember you.


Achievement Awakening Awakening
Collect 1800 Essence and awaken the Dream Nail
Achievement Ascension Ascension
Collect 2400 Essence and hear the Seer's final words


  • It is implied that the moth ghost who guides the Knight out of the Dream Realm is the Seer, projected into the Dream Realm through unknown means.
    • She can also fly in this form, though she seems unable to when she is met physically.
  • Seer is one of the few NPCs who are able to detect when they are being Dream Nailed, the others being Bardoon, Midwife, White Lady and the Snail Shaman.
  • The journal entry for Grimm Troupe Icon Nightmare King is a poem by the Seer.