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Salubra's Blessing is an Item in Hollow Knight.


When resting at a Bench, an apparition of Salubra appears after two seconds, dancing over the Knight and regenerating 50 SOUL per second.

This does not occur when the Knight is resting after resuming a save file. To start restoring SOUL, simply get up from the Bench and rest again.

Buying her blessing also gives the Blessed achievement.

How to acquire


Bought from Salubra in the Forgotten Crossroads for Geo.png 800 after acquiring 40 Charms.

  • Shop description:
A special blessing from me to you. You've earned it!

Having half of the Kingsoul Charm does not count as a Charm and does not count towards the 40 Charms needed.

Grimm Troupe Icon.png When Divine has a Fragile Charm consumed, the number of Charms the Knight is considered to have is reduced by one. Obtaining the Unbreakable Charm returns this lost Charm.

Grimm Troupe Icon.png When Grimmchild is lost by banishing the Grimm Troupe, the number of Charms the Knight is considered to have is reduced by one. Obtaining Carefree Melody returns this lost Charm.


Achievement Blessed.png Blessed
Acquire all Charms and receive Salubra's Blessing


  • When obtaining Salubra's Blessing, a distorted version of the normal sound for getting Items and Abilities is played, similar to obtaining the Void Heart.
  • In the release version of the game, Salubra's Blessing only required 36 Charms. Grimm Troupe Icon.png The Grimm Troupe increased the requirement as new Charms were added.