In order to combat certain problems, these rules have been established.

Users whose behaviour does not meet the standards of the wiki may receive a warning. If problems with the user persist, they may have their editing right revoked, be suspended, or even banned, depending on the severity of the issues.

Not knowing the rules will not make you exempt from punishment.

Additionally, all members are encouraged to join the Wiki Discord Server:

Editing Rules

  • Registered users may receive a month ban for first offences, depending upon the severity of the vandalism and mod discretion.
    • Vandalism includes both the addition of objectionable items, as well as destructive deletion.
  • Do not leave messages in the article.
  • Do not include opinions in the article.
  • No edit warring. If you and another editor disagree, discuss it on a wall message thread or on the Wiki Discord.
  • No use of bots unless authorised by an admin.
  • Do your best to use proper spelling and grammar when editing. Please refer to the terminology section of the editing guidelines for reference.
  • If you are unsure if something should be added to the wiki, post it in the comments first or address it on the Wiki Discord, and let the Wiki team or community decide.

User Behaviour

  • Using multiple accounts or anonymous posting to pretend to be two separate people is grounds for a ban.
  • Blatantly abusive behaviour is unacceptable. Depending on the user's behaviour, mods may issue a warning before taking disciplinary action.
    • Hate speech such as racial or sexual slurs are grounds for immediate banning.
  • Posts of "First!" and similar behaviour, as well as troll posts, are not acceptable and will be removed.
    • Do not use the comments section for jokes, memes and otherwise unhelpful discussions. Users who repeatedly make useless comments may be given a warning or may be banned.
  • Piracy is not to be advocated or otherwise encouraged on this wiki. This includes links.

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