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Aren't these waterways thrilling? A labyrinth of pipes and tunnels... I couldn't have asked for a better place to employ my talents. It's all so orderly, so considered, nothing like the crude irregularity of those caverns...
– Cornifer
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The Royal Waterways are a series of sewage pipes and support structures underneath the City of Tears.


Many areas in the Waterways are flooded by the water constantly dripping from above, originating from the rain in the City of Tears (and ultimately from the Blue Lake). Several rooms in the waterways are littered with piles of trash.

Typical room

The area is divided into two sections by a broken lift shaft. The east part shares many traits with the west but also features acid pools and plant overgrowth.

On the western side, the NPCs Tuk and Fluke Hermit can be found. This side also contains the Godmaster Icon.png Junk Pit, where the Godmaster Icon.png Godseeker is located. Furthermore, the bosses Dung Defender, Hidden Dreams Icon.png White Defender, and Flukemarm can be found on this side too.

On the eastern side, Isma's Grove is located, where Isma's Tear can be obtained. In the centre of this side is a shortcut to the City of Tears.


The waterways' pipes were built to carry away the capital's waste.[1] However, the incessant rain in the city above has washed the pipes clean.[1] All trash carried by the water eventually ends up in the Junk Pit.[2]

With the kingdom's ruin, Flukes established a colony in the depths of the waterways and populated the area along with other creatures.[3][4]

How to access

Entrance to the Royal Waterways

The main way to access the Royal Waterways is through a hatch located in the room next to Fountain Square. The hatch can be opened using a Simple Key. It can also be first accessed by taking the Tram to Kingdom's Edge and then using Crystal Heart in a passage northwest of the Hive to end up near Isma's Grove.

Points of Interest
Defender's Crest.png
Defender's Crest
requires defeating Dung Defender
requires defeating Flukemarm
Mask Shard.png
Grub x 2
Whispering Root.png
Wanderer's Journal.png
Wanderer's Journal x 1
in the room connecting to Ancient Basin
King's Idol.png
King's Idol x 1
requires defeating Dung Defender and using Desolate Dive on the floor beneath the giant valve
Geo Deposit.png
Soul Totem.png
Rancid Egg.png

Sub-area: Isma's Grove

A hidden garden accessible by using Crystal Heart to dash through a tunnel of spikes at the east end of the Waterways after defeating Dung Defender, or through a tunnel connected to the Kingdom's Edge. The Grove houses the presumably deceased Isma, on whose corpse the Knight finds Isma's Tear, which allows the Knight to swim through acid.

Isma's Grove seems to be the source of the acid that pools in the lower areas of Hallownest.[5] The acid's origin is unknown, though there are hints that it might be actively hostile to life.[6]

Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster Content

Sub-area: Junk Pit

A massive cavern filled with Geo chests, paintings, a statue identical to the one where the Monarch Wings are acquired, and assorted piles of other trash washed up by the currents. This pile of rubbish is said to be Flukemarm's treasure by Fluke Hermit who is also found within this area. Though among all the worthless junk lies a golden sarcophagus which, when opened by a Simple Key, reveals The Godseeker where she has been hibernating. Accessible by breaking a roof on the northwest corner of the square-like area next to Flukemarm's boss room. A wall at the top of the Junk Pit can be broken to reveal access to the City of Tears, below the Nailsmith's forge. If the Nailsmith is killed, his corpse appears afloat the Junkpit waters, near the shore.



Points of Interest
Geo Deposit.png
Geo Chest.png
Geo Chest x 6
Geo.png 51 and one filled with Lumaflies
Godhome Architecture.png
Entrance (start of Godmaster)



Inv Waterways Key.png
  • There is an unused key in the game's files labelled "Waterways_Key" which was presumably used to open the Royal Waterways instead of the currently used Simple Key.


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The AbyssAncient BasinCity of TearsColosseum of FoolsCrystal PeakDeepnest
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Royal WaterwaysWhite Palace