Quick Slash is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It allows for more rapid Nail strikes.


Quick Slash can increase total damage output while slashing with the nail by the same amount. This charm is more effective than Fragile Strength in most situations, as it not only increases the rate at which the nail deals damage but also how quickly it accumulates SOUL.

How to Acquire

Located in Kingdom's Edge, upon a massive anvil in a hidden room in front of a massive corpse known as an "Ancient Nailsmith".[1]

Finding it requires travelling to the very east end of Kingdom's Edge past Oro's hut and locating a breakable floor next to his training dummy. After traversing down a few levels, and looping up the west end of the section, there will be a small tunnel located within a wall leading to the Charm.

Charm Interactions and Combo Tips

Fragile Strength.png
Fragile Strength

Especially effective in combination with Fragile Strength, increasing damage output by a total of 131% from constant slashing.

Soul Catcher.png
Soul Catcher

Excellent when used with Soul Catcher and Soul Eater for producing large quantities of extra SOUL from frequent hits.

Stalwart Shell.png
Stalwart Shell

The additional invulnerability time from Stalwart Shell makes it more effective to stay and attack an enemy after taking damage.

Steady Body.png
Steady Body

Steady Body removes the additional displacement suffered by landing nail hits more frequently.

Grubberfly's Elegy.png
Grubberfly's Elegy

Allows the Knight to launch projectiles with Grubberfly's Elegy more rapidly.


Can be used effectively with Longnail and/or Mark of Pride as it allows the player to keep an enemy within reach of constant nail attacks more easily.

Mark of Pride.png
Mark of Pride

Can be used effectively with Longnail and/or Mark of Pride as it allows the player to keep an enemy within reach of constant nail attacks more easily.

Heavy Blow.png
Heavy Blow

Effective when combined with Heavy Blow to knock back enemies at a faster rate.


  • Before the update, Quick Slash only cost two notches. From version and onwards, Quick Slash cost three notches. This only affects newly created save files- old saves will not be affected by this change.[2]
  • When using the Dream Nail on the Ancient Nailsmith it will yield the line " ...Pure... ".
    • Godmaster Icon.png Similarly, "Pure..." is also the Dream Nail dialogue of the corpse of the Nailsmith found in the Junk Pit.


Charm Compendium

Main Game

Wayward Compass.png
Wayward Compass
Gathering Swarm.png
Gathering Swarm
Stalwart Shell.png
Stalwart Shell
Soul Catcher.png
Soul Catcher
Shaman Stone.png
Shaman Stone
Soul Eater.png
Soul Eater
Thorns of Agony.png
Thorns of Agony
Fury of the Fallen.png
Fury of the Fallen
Fragile Heart.png
Fragile Heart
Fragile Greed.png
Fragile Greed
Fragile Strength.png
Fragile Strength
Spell Twister.png
Spell Twister
Steady Body.png
Steady Body
Heavy Blow.png
Heavy Blow
Quick Slash.png
Quick Slash
Mark of Pride.png
Mark of Pride
Baldur Shell.png
Baldur Shell
Defender's Crest.png
Defender's Crest
Glowing Womb.png
Glowing Womb
Quick Focus.png
Quick Focus
Deep Focus.png
Deep Focus
Lifeblood Heart.png
Lifeblood Heart
Lifeblood Core.png
Lifeblood Core
Joni's Blessing.png
Joni's Blessing
Grubberfly's Elegy.png
Grubberfly's Elegy
Spore Shroom.png
Spore Shroom
Sharp Shadow.png
Sharp Shadow
Shape of Unn.png
Shape of Unn
Nailmaster's Glory.png
Nailmaster's Glory
Dream Wielder.png
Dream Wielder
Void Heart.png
Void Heart
Grimm Troupe Icon.png The Grimm Troupe Content

Unbreakable Heart.png
Unbreakable Heart
Unbreakable Greed.png
Unbreakable Greed
Unbreakable Strength.png
Unbreakable Strength
Carefree Melody.png
Carefree Melody
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