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Hollow Knight and Hollow Knight: Silksong contents will be hosted on separate Wikis. 

For content that appears in both games, on both Wiki's page there will be notification on the top of the page that allows the user easy access to the other Wiki's page; for example, on the Hollow Knight Wiki, there'll be such a notification on Hornet's page that will link to the Silksong Wiki's Hornet page, and vice versa.

Where relevant, both Wikis will link to the other Wikis just like when we interlink on the same Wiki between pages, from a user point of view, this will be no different. From an editor point of view, we'll be using full URLs instead of the usual code, but this is trivial.

Should the need arise, we can make a separate Lore wiki for HK where both games' lore is present and easily searchable.

The Wiki Discord will remain the same for both Wikis:

The Silksong Wiki's URL is and I will be copying over the CSS, JS, templates and other relevant stuff to it in the coming week(s), setting up a new theme etc. For the time being, please refrain from creating new pages on it, and instead collate all Silksong-related info on this page:

The other URL I reserved for the Wiki ( will automatically redirect to the Wiki.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Additional Content

Review = double check content is correct

To-Do Status User
Need to add all additional content updates to all pages that are affected (example: Leg Eater). Use Hidden Dreams Icon / Grimm Troupe Icon / Lifeblood Icon / Godmaster Icon
{{HDIconMini}} / {{GTIconMini}} / {{LBIconMini}} / {{GMIconMini}}
WIP Blood Red 83
Add Confirmation needed. and Confirmed by the developers. to claims where applicable. to-do


To-Do Status User
Map locations images for all enemies (example: Duranda)

Layered map PSD resource here

WIP Theblufish
Change links of all enemies, NPCs, and Bosses in Area pages to Tooltips (example: The Hive) Done (Note: Ghosts, Dreamers, and the Abyss Creature do not have Tooltips) Bluerunner12
A better location image for the Bluggsac and Rancid Egg.
Basic lore description for most enemies and bosses (example: Mantis Lords).
Add more tactics to Godhome bosses such as Brothers Oro & Mato (see Editing Guidelines for terminology)
Add how to unlock Winged Nosk and Sisters of Battle Done Sumwan
Add all maneuvers in addition to attacks on the Bosses' pages WIP Blood Red 83


To-Do Status User
Updates + Hunt down on Steam all the update pages. Needs review metalreflectslime
Add menu style images to Trivia page
Page for corpse and statue Dream Nail dialogue and locations
Add lore for The Grimm Troupe.
Add info on the quest of The Grimm Troupe.
Add music and ambience tracks to Areas and subareas (example: City of Tears).
Add more "Special rooms" to Areas (example: Godhome).


To-Do Note Status User
Elderbug Find out what triggers this dialogue: "I used to think the kingdom below was all dead cold rock, but I've since been told different. Travellers speak of startling variety in Hallownest's caverns. Even just besides those Crossroads there's meant to be an area full with leafy greenery. I told those same travellers about the wonderful grasses that grow around the town. They didn't seem impressed." WIP TheChainGardenThresh
Grimm Troupe Add a page named "Grimm Troupe", listing the members of the Grimm Troupe, their role, links, and a little lore section. WIP llemonllime


List of events needed for Quests page (refer to completed sections of the page for examples)

To-Do Note Status User
Cloth list of encounters used details from Cloth's main page Done Amick
Tiso list of encounters used details from Tiso's main page Done Amick
Zote list of encounters used details from Zote's main page Done Amick
Mr Mushroom list of encounters need list of events and triggers
Quirrel list of encounters need list of events and triggers Done (see sandbox page on my account) LeeUSM
Hornet list of encounters need list of events and triggers