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Seek the God of Wealth and Power

The Pantheon of the Sage is the third Pantheon in Godhome. The previous Pantheon is the Pantheon of the Artist, and the next is the Pantheon of the Knight.

Pantheon Hdr.png
Room # Room Type Contains
1 Fight
Banner Hive Knight.png
Hive Knight
2 Fight
Banner Elder Hu.png
Elder Hu
3 Fight
Banner The Collector.png
The Collector
4 Fight
Banner God Tamer.png
God Tamer
5 Fight
Banner Grimm.png
Troupe Master Grimm
6 Resting Spot
Banner Bench.png
Hot Spring and Bench
7 Fight
Banner Galien.png
8 Fight
Banner Grey Prince Zote.png
Grey Prince Zote (Level 3)

(Skipped if Zote is left to die in Greenpath or if Grey Prince Zote was not defeated in the base game)

9 Fight
Banner Uumuu.png
10 Fight
Banner Hornet Sentinel.png
Hornet (Sentinel)
11 Non-combat room
Banner Godseeker.png
The Godseeker
12 Fight
Banner Great Nailsage Sly.png
Great Nailsage Sly
Pantheon Ftr.png



Achievement Focus.png {S} Focus
Complete the Pantheon of the Sage


  • Defeating Grey Prince Zote and the God Tamer is not necessary to access this pantheon. Grey Prince Zote's icon is missing from the Pantheon's lock, even after unlocking him in Godhome.
  • Grey Prince Zote only appears during the Pantheon after beating him in Dirtmouth. This can be done even after beating the Pantheon first.
  • Defeating Zotelings during this Pantheon does not unlock their Journal entries.
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