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Seek the Gods of Nail and Shell

The Pantheon of the Master is the first Pantheon in Godhome. The next Pantheon is the Pantheon of the Artist.


Hollow Knight Boss Discussion - Brothers Oro & Mato-0

Go to 1:20 and 6:16 to see discussions about the Pantheon specifically.

Pantheon Hdr.png
Room # Room Type Contains
1 Fight
Banner Vengefly King.png
Vengefly King
2 Fight
Banner Gruz Mother.png
Gruz Mother
3 Fight
Banner False Knight.png
False Knight
4 Fight
Banner Massive Moss Charger.png
Massive Moss Charger
5 Fight
Banner Hornet Protector.png
Hornet (Protector)
6 Resting Spot
Banner Bench.png
Hot Spring and Bench
7 Fight
Banner Gorb.png
8 Fight
Banner Dung Defender.png
Dung Defender
9 Fight
Banner Soul Warrior.png
Soul Warrior
10 Fight
Banner Brooding Mawlek.png
Brooding Mawlek
11 Resting Spot
Banner Godseeker.png
The Godseeker
12 Fight
Banner Brothers Oro Mato.png
Brothers Oro & Mato
Pantheon Ftr.png



  • Defeating or encountering Vengefly King is not necessary to access this Pantheon.
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