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Seek the Pure God

The Pantheon of the Knight is the fourth Pantheon in Godhome. The previous Pantheon is the Pantheon of the Sage, and the next is the Pantheon of Hallownest. Access to this Pantheon is restricted until the previous three Pantheons have been completed.


Hollow Knight Boss Discussion - Pure Vessel

Pantheon of the Knight Guide

Pantheon Hdr.png
Room # Room Type Contains
1 Fight
Banner Enraged Guardian.png
Enraged Guardian
2 Fight
Banner Lost Kin.png
Lost Kin
3 Fight
Banner No Eyes.png
No Eyes
4 Fight
Banner Traitor Lord.png
Traitor Lord
5 Fight
Banner White Defender.png
White Defender
6 Resting Spot
Banner Bench.png
Hot Spring and Bench
7 Fight
Banner Failed Champion.png
Failed Champion
8 Fight
Banner Markoth.png
9 Fight
Banner Watcher Knight.png
6 x Watcher Knight
10 Fight
Banner Soul Tyrant.png
Soul Tyrant
11 Non-combat room
Banner Godseeker Pure Vessel.png
The Godseeker
12 Fight
Banner Pure Vessel.png
Pure Vessel
Pantheon Ftr.png



Delicate Flower.png


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