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Forgotten champion of the Colosseum, drawn away by strange obsessions.

This odd creature is unaffected by and unaware of the disease drifting through the caverns. Its madness is all its own.

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Pale Lurker is an enemy in Hollow Knight. She is an uninfected former champion of the Colosseum of Fools who was drawn away by strange obsessions, eventually becoming insane.[3]

Behaviour and Tactics

Pale Lurker is a mini-boss style enemy that is first encountered sitting idly and muttering over her key. Once approached, she screams and proceeds into her arena. Her arena consists of a massive rectangular chamber with two big blocks creating tunnels in an infinity shape. Once entering this arena, the Knight is locked in until she is defeated.

She once again sits idly in a location within her arena until she is found. When drawing near, Pale Lurker leaps away from the Knight, hopping across the ground and even hopping up walls, occasionally dropping indestructible spikes in her path. These spikes disappear after a short while and can be manoeuvred around.

If the Knight gets too close, Pale Lurker lashes her arms around herself, dealing contact damage. If the Knight moves far enough away to dodge this attack, she will keep running. If the Knight is still close to Pale Lurker after she finishes this attack, she will burrow into the ground and find a different location in the area to wait until she is found again.

  • Due to her speed and her difficult to dodge attacks, it is recommended to attack Pale Lurker from afar with Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul and the sword beams from Grubberfly's Elegy when in range.
  • Grimm Troupe Icon.png Grimmchild can also be used to attack Pale Lurker, but her speed in some situations counters the accuracy of the Grimm Troupe Icon.png Grimmchild's attack.
  • Combining Sharp Shadow and Dash Slash is effective for attacking her swiftly in melee combat.
  • Dash Slash is a great way to stay a distance away from Pale Lurker and also deal large amounts of damage, especially when combined with Nailmaster's Glory.

After defeating her, the initial gate blocking the chasm opens, allowing direct passage back to the Colosseum.

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  • King! Mine!
  • Key! Treasure! Begone, begone!
  • For me! For you! For King!


Pale Lurker is found in a secret area to the right of the Colosseum of Fools, the Pale Lurker's Retreat. A breakable wall leads to the area.



  • Upon defeating her and after leaving the area and returning, Pale Lurker's corpse can be found in the room where she was initially encountered.
  • Although technically not a boss, a small challenge room is closed off by gates and Pale Lurker has to be defeated in order for the gates to open.
  • Pale Lurker is one of three enemies added in content packs that are required for the Hunter's Mark, the other two being the Lifeblood Icon.png Hive Knight and Flukemunga.


  1. Translations of the game. German translation: "Ihr Wahnsinn ist nur ihr selbst zuzuschreiben" (Her madness is all her own).
  2. Deleted livestream on Mixer
  3. Pale Lurker Hunter's Journal entry: "Forgotten champion of the Colosseum, drawn away by strange obsessions. [...] unaffected by [...] the disease drifting through the caverns. Its madness is all its own."
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