Larger cousin of the Obble. Pairs with a mate for life and will never leave its side.

Having a mate by your side... one that will never leave you until death. Strange. No mate has ever come forth to stay by my side...

Dialogue Bottom

The Oblobbles are a dual boss in Hollow Knight. They sit at the top of the Trial of the Conqueror. Two separate fights against them are required to unlock their Journal entry, either through replaying the trial or in Godmaster Icon Godhome.

In-game events

The Oblobbles are larger relatives to the Obble species, also able to move faster and fire more projectiles per attack. The Knight can encounter a couple of them at the Colosseum of Fools during the Trial of the Conqueror. Those Oblobbles are raised and chained within the Colosseum to take part in the fight against gladiators. Killing one enrages the other and makes it move and attack faster.

Like most other creatures in Hallownest, they are infected, though they do not explode upon death.

Behaviour and Tactics

Two are fought in the Trial of the Conqueror at once.

  • Acid Cannonade: Spits large shots of liquid in six patterns of four around its body, similarly to regular Obbles. Each set of four shots are even spaced 90 degrees apart and the following set of shots is rotated roughly 30 to 45 degrees from the previous.
  • Fly: While not performing any attacks, the Oblobbles will fly in a diagonal pattern bouncing off the walls. If they are hit from behind then this will cause the Obblobble hit to turn around.
  • Frenzy: Once one of them has been killed, the second one will go into a rage. When this happens, it flies around much faster and the speed of its Acid Cannonade is significantly increased, along with the speed of the projectiles themselves. However, the projectiles still occur in six patterns of four with the same spacing. This state will remain for the rest of the battle.

When the second Oblobble goes into Frenzy, they regain some health and get a health boost as well. The player can either focus one Oblobble down or try to distribute as much damage across both Oblobbles so that the last Oblobble has as little health as possible. Spells are very useful for distributing damage.

Nail Arts like Great Slash and Dash Slash are useful throughout the fight. Same goes for the Spells, Shade Soul and Abyss Shriek. Cyclone slash is also good for phase 1, when the Frenzy attack begins then Cyclone is not as good.

Using 2-4 Abyss Shrieks can easily kill an Oblobble, however, it requires enough SOUL before the fight. Using the Dream Nail or the Soul Eater charm (on certain enemies) can make this significantly easier. Charms that make spellcasting easier (such as Shaman Stone or Spell Twister) are good ways to get rid of Oblobbles fast without taking too much unnecessary damage.

The Nail Arts are great in the frenzy phase because there is so little time between blob attacks. The safest place to heal are the corners. The player can heal 1+ Masks in between Acid Cannonade attacks, even in the frenzy phase. Shape of Unn can be used to dodge the Acid Cannonade attack much easier and allows easier healing opportunities, especially when combined with Quick Focus.

Statue Oblobbles
Hall of Gods text: "Together we are chained in a strange colosseum"
"Lover gods of faith and devotion"

Pantheon Pantheon of the Artist, 4th boss
Health Attuned Badge 450 (both) / up to 600 during stage 2
Ascended Badge 750 (both) / up to 750 during stage 2
Radiant Badge
Arena changes Same arena as the base game fight, no difficulty differences.

Dream Nail Dialogue Essence
  • ...Hungry...Tired...Hungry...
  • ...Brothers...Sisters...Mother...
  • ...Hurt...Kill...Hurt...Kill...


This enemy is only found in the Colosseum of Fools and Godmaster Icon Godhome.



Achievement Conqueror Conqueror
Complete the Trial of the Conqueror


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