Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. Disappeared during the plague.

They're coming...
What's inside of you...
Strip it out!

-No Eyes
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No Eyes is a Warrior Dream boss in Hollow Knight.


No Eyes was a warrior of Hallownest who fell to the Infection. She could not sleep knowing the dreams would infect her mind with the light.[3] To protect herself and other bugs, she stripped out both their eyes and her own before succumbing.[4][5] She was laid to rest in the Stone Sanctuary, a place in complete darkness, and a carved statue was placed upon her grave.

In-game events

No Eyes' spirit only appears at her statue after the Knight acquires the Dream Nail and has bought the Lumafly Lantern. While still blind, the spirit is disturbed by the light.[6] She senses the Knight, but fears they are Infected and out to hurt her.[6] When challenged, No Eyes agitates the sanctuary's spirits to attack her threat.[7]

After the fight, the spirits calm down while No Eyes realises the Knight never meant her harm. Relieved, the spirit asks them to lead the sanctuary's spirits to rest, a place where the Infection cannot reach them.[3] She then shatters into 200 Essence to be collected by the Dream Nail.

Behaviour and Tactics

No Eyes does not directly attack but floats around using the following abilities:

  • Spirit Summon: Ghosts glide across the screen in wave-like patterns bobbing up and down. At 75% HP, the spawn delay of the spirits is decreased from 2 seconds to 1.75, and at 45%, it is further decreased from 1.75 seconds to 1.25
  • Teleport: No Eyes teleports to a random part of the arena and hovers there until she teleports again.

This battle is not too difficult due to the slow speed and predictable pattern of the attacks but can be drawn out because No Eyes teleports around frequently and the floating spirits everywhere can make it difficult to pursue her.

SOUL generation Charms are suggested, since opportunities to hit No Eyes can be scarce, and therefore, gathering the SOUL to Focus or use Spells can be a difficult task. Pay attention to the positions of the platforms and the spirits while pursuing her, and the fight should be over quickly.

Standing in the very centre of the platform on the ground is an ideal place to Focus as the spirits almost never hit the Knight in that location. Operating a hit-and-run strategy from this location allows the Knight to wear No Eyes down and return to heal.

Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster Content

Statue No Eyes.png
No Eyes
Hall of Gods text: "I lie dreaming in a silent sanctuary"
"Dreamborn god of fear and relief"

Pantheon Pantheon of the Knight, 3rd boss
Health Attuned Badge.png 570
Ascended Badge.png 800
Radiant Badge.png
Arena changes The platforms are re-arranged, and thorns fill the arena on Ascended difficulty or above.


First encounter My child... can you still see? Please, don't hurt me!

Can't sleep... with your eyes open, little one. Can't dream... if you're still breathing, little one.

Precious children... you speak such loathsome things as you sleep... your claws scratch and scrape...

Precious children, a monster has come for us in the dark...Will you sing for me?

Talking again Precious children, a monster has come for us in the dark...Will you sing for me?

When listened to One by one... their eyes closed at last. I felt it... a warm stillness falling over us.

I'm sorry I was frightened of you. You were always protecting us, even when we couldn't see you.

Take us there, please. A place where light can not haunt us, a place without dreams...Please...

On her tomb A face carved from stone.


No Eyes can be found inside of the Stone Sanctuary, in Greenpath.



  • Unlike the other Warrior Dreams, the battle against her does not use the regular Dream Battle theme. Instead, No Eyes sings a haunting lullaby throughout the entire battle.
  • No Eyes does not appear unless the Knight has the Lumafly Lantern.
    • The inscription on her statue is readable without the Lumafly Lantern, but only before getting the Dream Nail.


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