The lands of Hallownest are filled by several groups of strange sentient creatures. They occupy various territories around the vast kingdom and developed their own societies and cultures aside from the Pale King's rule.

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The beasts of Deepnest are arachnids in appearance and used to be one of the most intelligent species in the land of Hallownest.[1] Unlike the Pale King's Kingdom, the Nest was not led by a king of honoured caste, but a queen of common descent, Herrah the Beast.[2] She outlived her consort but her followers, Little Weavers, Stalking Devouts and Weavers, continued serving both their queen and the Nest with devotion.[3]

The creatures of the Nest lived in the Distant Village, houses of silk suspended in a deep cavern at the far end of Deepnest. Their brood was however tended to by creatures such as the Midwife,[1] one of which survived the Infection and hides deep below the village. The Weavers, talented silk crafters,[4] were not natives of Hallownest[5] and resided in their own den, hidden at the heart of Deepnest.

The Nest kept their territory bound at the edge of Deepnest and defended it with hostility against the Fungal Tribe.[2] They also rejected the rule of Hallownest,[6] such as violently forcing the Kingdom to cease the construction of a tram line throughout the upper part of their territory.[7] The Mantis Tribe kept the Nest's beasts away from pushing further, following a truce with the Kingdom.[8]

Eventually, the Pale King was able to bargain with Herrah the Beast[9] for her help in containing the Infection plaguing Hallownest. The Distant Village was also linked to the kingdom's Stagways, although its station was never visited by the Last Stag before the Knight's journey.[10] With her consort dead,[2] Herrah had a daughter with the Pale King, Hornet, to perpetuate the Nest's rule.[11] In exchange, the queen became a Dreamer[12] to seal the Hollow Knight, the Vessel containing the Infection. Yet, this sacrifice proved unsuccessful and the Nest found itself infected nonetheless.[1]

Hornet left the Nest,[13] but would eventually return, seeking answers throughout the doomed land of Hallownest. The Weavers also left Deepnest to return to their old home outside Hallownest.[5] Herrah's surviving followers continue to protect her by hunting intruders, their mind clouded by the Infection. The Distant Village itself grew silent, with the exception of the Beast's Den serving as a deadly trap for unfortunate wanderers.


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