Hornet's Needle

Hornet getting ready to grapple onto an enemy with no problem whatsoever.

Needle is the term used to describe the bladed weapon wielded by Hornet.


Hornet is extremely skilled with her needle. The Hunter tried to pounce at her in Greenpath but she stabbed him and darted away with her needle


Hornet's needle seems to be longer than her actual body, and longer than the Knight's nail.

The needle is shorter than the Pure Vessel's nail, and slightly longer than Cornifer's nose.


Hornet uses her needle in complex ways, being able to grapple with little to no problem.

Adina!: Hornet can use her needle to dash down and stab someone vertically with abnormal power.

Shaw!: Hornet mainly slashes forward, every time she lands a strike on a bug she gains 1 strand of silk.

Ho Ho!: Hornet can use her parry move from the Kingdom's Edge fight. Instead of doing a huge slash forward, Hornet dashes forward with her needle in front of her.

Haa!!: Hornet, while sprinting, can dash at high speeds with her needle in front of her.


Haa! + Adina!

Ho Ho! + Shaw! x 2 + Haa!

Shaw! + Adina!

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