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This Page is about the NPC. See Nail for more information on upgrades.

Found in the City of Tears at the far left of the map from the bottom. When The Knight enters his smithy, the Nailsmith at first mistakes them for somebody else. He will provide the first Nail refinement for a small amount of Geo, after which he will require both Pale Ore and Geo to upgrade further.

After forging the Pure Nail, the Nailsmith will step outside and ask to be cut down. Obliging him sends him plummeting down into the waters below, awarding the 'Purity' achievement. His body can be found in the Junk Pit. If the player leaves without attacking, he can be found later at Nailmaster Sheo's, unlocking the 'Happy Couple' achievement. The Nailsmith mentions here that he was around during the time of The Five Great Knights.

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The Nailsmith will not move to Sheo's hut if the player has not acquired Great Slash. He will disappear after being spared and only appear in Sheo's hut after the player has gained the ability and rested on a bench afterward.



First Encounter

Have you brought me another nail to be honed? Leave it on the ground and return later, if you're still breathing.


Oh. I thought you were someone else.

After a Nailsmith are you? Well you've found one. I'm not much for talk, but if its a nail that needs repair then you've come to the right bug.

Your own nail is in quite a sorry state. It's obviously not one of mine. Still, anything can be refined with enough effort and skill, even that broken blade.

Pale Ore in inventory

I see you have some Pale Ore. A rare, fine metal, that. Give me the ore and some Geo for my efforts, and I'll reforge your nail to make it stronger.

Offering service

If you'd like, I can reforge your nail. It'll make the blade far more deadly.

Declining service

You're not interested, then? Suit yourself.

Not enough Geo

Ah, you don't have the Geo? Come and see me when you do.

Accepting service

As you wish. I'll get to work then.

Talking again

Hmm? You're still here. Is there something else you want?


Hmm? Oh, you've returned.

Dream Nailed

...To forge the perfect Nail...


Sharpened Nail complete

There we go. The reforging is complete.

I've honed your nail's edge. You'll find it much stronger than it used to be.

Head out there and test its strength against your foes.

If you bring me a piece of Pale Ore, I can forge it into your nail and make it stronger still.

Channelled Nail complete

There we go. The reforging is complete.

I've added a channel to your nail. It should cut much more efficiently. You'll find it stronger than it used to be.

Head out there and test its blade against your foes.

If you bring me two pieces of Pale Ore, I can forge it into your nail and make it stronger still.

Coiled Nail complete

Here we are. The reforging is complete.

I've modified the nail to spiral form. A very tricky task it was. You'll find it stronger than ever before.

Off you go now. Cut your way forward.

If you bring me three pieces of Pale Ore, I can forge it into your nail and make it stronger still.

Pure Nail complete

It's done. The reforging is done.

Your nail is much stronger than it used to be. As strong as it could ever be.

In only your weapon have I seen such potential. Finally, I behold the majesty of a Pure Nail.

To think this moment has come upon me so soon...

...I... I must step outside a moment...

Talking outside

With a Pure Nail forged, my work in this lifetime comes to an end. My only remaining desire is to see and feel the nail strike true!

I beg you, cut me down. As my final moment in life, I want to taste the blade's exquisite edge.

After all this time, all this toil... haven't I earned it?

Do not hesitate. I beg you. Cut me down! I want to taste that blade's exquisite edge.

Dream Nailed

My life's work achieved... What more is left...?

At Sheo's

Meeting at Sheo's

Hmm? Oh, hello traveller. How strange that we should meet again in a world as vast as this.

I must thank you for not killing me when I asked you to. I was irritated at first, but I had some time to think up there and I soon saw the wisdom in your decision.

The world is made of more than metal and weapons. I set out exploring, and soon found my way here.

Sheo is a master of many arts, and has promised to teach me what he can. I think I'll be quite happy here.

Being painted

I'm afraid I can't speak at length. If I move too much, Sheo's masterwork will be ruined and I'd hate to see him upset.

Though he may seem imposing, in truth he's a delicate sort.

In all the dark of Hallownest, who'd have thought I'd meet such an inspiring soul.


We're building a full suite of the Kingdom's Knights. In their time, I barely ever paid them attention, but Sheo keenly remembers each.

It's so refreshing. Nothing like the crude practice of Nailwork. I just love all the intricate details.

This is fabulous. I'd never have believed my claws capable of such deft construction.

Dream Nailed

....An age spent toiling alone... this is much nicer...


Achievement Purity Purity
{S} Slay the Nailsmith with the Pure Nail
Achievement Happy Couple Happy Couple
{S} Allow the Nailsmith to find a new calling


  • The Nailsmith's quest to forge the perfect nail was a Kickstarter stretch goals at $44,000 was the addition of four new quests to the game:
A Nailsmiths Obsession

A Nailsmith's Obsession When his job is done; when the perfect blade is forged; what meaning remains for the Nailsmith? Is there something more the Hollow Knight can provide?

  • The Nailsmith was first revealed in a Kickstarter update, although that information is no longer canonical:
"Follow a twisting path from the outskirts of the drowning city. Cross a broken bridge and you'll hear it close, the ring of metal and the roar of flame. A craftsman obsessed.
Within his forge the Nailsmith is searching, on an endless quest to create a flawless nail.
Past failures pile outside his door, exposed to the rains and left to rust. He spares no thought for imperfect things. Nor does he pause to take notice of the countless beings that take their pick of his refuse.
But his neglect has impact. His discarded nails have spread wide through Hallownest, clutched tight in the hands of creatures possessed.
Only in the Hollow Knight's broken nail does he at last see true potential. Distant and difficult to achieve, but it is in there, waiting - a blade to be honed beyond all others, to be forged into a form so brilliant it transcends its metal and becomes myth."
  • It is possible to kill the Nailsmith with any attack when he asks, including Spells. Whether this is intentional is unknown.
Gg nailsmith corpse
  • Godmaster Icon The Nailsmith's body can be found in the Junk Pit if the player chooses to kill him. Dream Nailing his body gives the line: