Lazy, portly Mosskin. Easily swayed by others.

Slow, fat and easily vanquished; common threads in those who forget their calling and forsake their duties.

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Mossy Vagabonds are enemies in Hollow Knight. They are Mosskin who forgot about Unn's call and instead started worshipping the Radiance, swayed by the Moss Prophet.[1][2]

Behaviour and Tactics

Four are found in the room with the Moss Prophet, accessible from Fungal Wastes by using the Mantis Claw, sitting in the room listening to the Moss Prophet's singing. Once disturbed they'll hop 3 times in place before running or hopping at the Knight. When "attacking" they will hop 3-4 times. They are very easy to kill and respawn upon reentering the room.

After defeating Broken Vessel and acquiring the Monarch Wings, they, as well as the Moss Prophet, will be overcome by the infection and only their corpses will be left behind. Inspecting one of the corpses will immediately grant the Hunter's Journal entry if they were not killed before.

Dream Nail Dialogue Essence
  • ...So bright...our new path...
  • ...Speak, light...
  • Protect the speaker..
  • ...Light... (when infected)
  • ...Bright... (when infected)


Mossy Vagabonds are located in the Queen's Gardens.



Cut Charm 08
  • Mossy Vagabonds appear to be engorged Moss Knights as they are around the same sizes and heights. Moss Knight and Mossy Vagabonds are also referred to respectively as "Moss_Knight" and "Moss_Knight_fat" in the game's files.
  • The face shape of the Mossy Vagabond resembles one of the several cut charms.


  1. Mossy Vagabond Hunter's Journal entry: "Lazy, portly Mosskin. Easily swayed by others." "common threads in those who forget their calling and forsake their duties."
  2. Mossy Vagabond Dream Nail dialogue: "...So bright...our new path..."
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