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The Green Children walked from the dream unto these lands.
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The lands of Hallownest are filled by several groups of strange sentient creatures. They occupy various territories around the vast kingdom and developed their own societies and cultures aside from the Pale King's rule.

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The Mosskin are a tribe of plant-like bugs, living in Greenpath.[1][2] They let the Pale King build roads throughout their lush caves, but warned that anything straying from them would be subject to their laws.[3] They also chose to stay away from the Queen's Gardens, once an extension of their territory, claimed by the White Lady.[4] Unlike the Moth Tribe, however, they kept their faith.[5]

According to the Mosskin's faith, the vegetation in Greenpath and the Queen's Gardens, as well as themselves, appeared from a dream of Unn, a higher being.[6][7] They revere each plant in these caverns as the will of the mysterious creature and believe their prosperity is tied to the vegetation's state.[8] They also believe that Unn will one day call them back to their dream.[7]

Despite their primitive appearance, the Mosskin are evolved enough to carve and leave tablets scattered across their territory. They built a temple to their faith on the shores of the Lake of Unn, where the Higher Being used to appear.[9] The path to the lake is protected by Moss Knights, Mosskin trained in wielding Nail and Shell.[2]

The Infection is driving them mad, aggravated by the disappearance of Unn.[10] They believe the vegetation in Greenpath is dying and must be protected from intruders until Unn calls them.[11] A group of Mossy Vagabonds forsook their faith and duties in favour of the Radiance and her light.[12] Led by the Moss Prophet, they congregate in the Moss Chapel below the Queen's Gardens and defend them with their lives. These strayed Mosskin eventually all die of the Infection as the Knight progresses through their journey.



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