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Moss Mother is a boss in Hollow Knight: Silksong. When entering her arena the room starts to rumble, then she explodes out of a plant-like cocoon in the middle of the arena and lets out a screech signalling the start of the fight.

Behaviour and Tactics

Moss Mother hovers and glides around the small arena. She always tries to return to the middle of the room to use the following attacks:

  • Swoop: Moss Mother flies down in a small dive with her stinger pointed in Hornet's direction. When she reaches the floor she slides her body across roughly half of the arena.
  • Headbutt: Moss Mother quickly swoops up and slams her head into the ceiling of the arena causing either 3 stalactites or 1-2 small spiny "moss worms" to fall from above. The position of falling objects are indicated by a small puff of dust that lasts half a second before the object falls. The objects may not all fall at once, but can be staggered; falling at different times.


She is found in the Old Church, a sub-area of the Moss Grotto.


  • Moss Mother echoes the design of Gruz Mother in Hollow Knight. Both are the first boss to be encountered in their respective games while also being their species' matriarchs.
    • Both are also fought in abandoned churches, which was what Gruz Mother's arena initially was described to be.[1]


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