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The Moss Grotto is the very first area in Hollow Knight: Silksong. It is located at the very bottom of Pharloom after the cinematic intro where Hornet breaks the cage she was trapped in and subsequently the bridge she was atop. The area is covered in vivid lime-green moss and plants with pools of clear water. Its inhabitants mostly consist of moss-themed enemies.


Points of Interest

  • 2 Mossberries
  • 5 Silk Flowers
  • 4 Shell Shard Caches
  • 1 Rosary String
  • 2 "Beast" Doors

Sub-area: Old Church

What appears to be an abandoned church overgrown with moss and infested with moss enemies. This is where the first boss in the game is fought. After defeating the Moss Mother and ascending, Hornet, when approaching the Church Keeper, falls unconscious and the Church Keeper laughs.



Sub-area: Overgrown Village

A village in which the Druid of the Moss Temple resides.