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Caps and shells may fall to dust,
But Mr Mushroom readjusts...
-Mister Mushroom
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Mister Mushroom is a talking mushroom found through various locations in Hallownest after all three Dreamers have been killed. His babbles can be heard from a distance, guiding the Knight to his location. He is also referred to as the Herald or Master Herald.

In-game events

Finding him in all seven locations and ending the game rewards the Passing of the Age achievement and a secret cutscene after the Knight has beaten the game.

To understand what he says, the Spore Shroom charm must be equipped, otherwise, he will speak gibberish and will not move to the next location. However, his Dream Nail dialogue is not gibberish, even without Spore Shroom.

Throughout his dialogue, it is apparent that Mister Mushroom does not acknowledge the Knight and instead seems to be talking to someone else or talking to himself. In the final encounter, he finally acknowledges the presence of the Knight and realizes they have been following him throughout his travels.

Riddle Tablet

Riddle Tablet

The Riddle Tablet is a glowing glyph in a secret room at the bottom right corner of Kingdom's Edge. When it is read with the Spore Shroom charm equipped, the tablet reveals a poem, which gives hints to the locations where Mister Mushroom can be found:

We speak the path of the Master Herald, he who would signal an Age's end.

  1. Spawn of self, their minds unite, (Fungal Wastes)
  2. Aside the source of acid blight, (Kingdom's Edge, near Isma's Grove)
  3. Aglow in darkest, winding depths, (Deepnest, near Galien)
  4. Winds all howl above fossilstone steps, (Howling Cliffs)
  5. Monarchflys in air set still, (Ancient Basin, near the Monarch Wings location)
  6. To Root's domain and snail once shrill, (Fog Canyon, near Overgrown Mound)
  7. Path of Wyrm, at new lands entered, (King's Pass)
  8. There journeys end. The kingdom ventured.


Shroomish Without Spore Shroom equipped:
  • Nyush oola mumu? Shruba dungo ola, ola mu... gungi.
  • Gungi, gungi... Mishi umo sanga. Poggi u dungo?
  • Mumushi ola, mumushi u nungoo. Myusha? Dungo myusha? Gungi, gungi...
First encounter, Fungal Wastes ...It's nice that you were able to help your friend. So you're not hungry any more?

Yes, that was quite the appetite. I was impressed. Still, we all move on sooner or later.
To greater things, perhaps? So much can be achieved in just a short time...
...Oh. Excuse me.

Second encounter, Kingdom's Edge ...Shouldn't trust the eye they gave you. Rely on your own instincts.

If you've got a keen nose, use it.
And while you're hunting for secrets, beware those who are hunting you!
...Oh. Excuse me.

Third encounter, Deepnest ...The dead can't make use of wealth in any case. What would they spend it on?

Yes, a big brood like that. They need food. And shelter. And toys.
If you keep some for yourself... Well, I think you deserve it. Yes...
...Oh. Excuse me.

Fourth encounter, Howling Cliffs ...What was called a "hero" in its moment may be called something very different after time has passed.

The crimes and triumphs of our predecessors echo all around us, don't they?
The chains of fate that bind us all together... do you really want to break them?
...Oh. Excuse me.

Fifth encounter, Ancient Basin ...Well if things are getting too dangerous down there, maybe it's time to take a break?

Come back up and spend some time hunting, or gathering, or wandering aimlessly.
No, not too much longer now...
...Oh. Excuse me.

Sixth encounter, Fog Canyon ...I haven't seen her, no. I'm sure you'll remember where you left her eventually.

Trust the moon, or yourself. Or trust her. You need to trust something, that's my point.
Hmm? No, not him. No. Absolutely not.
...Oh. Excuse me.

Final encounter ...It's not by tools that you'll triumph, it's through your smarts, your speed, your determination...

...Oh. I see. So you've been following me around then? I hope my travels haven't confused your own, distracted you.
Then again, a meandered journey still has meaning. It is, after all, from a journey we find our purpose, though a stop is more than just a stop.
And my if those stops can't be lovely things, wouldn't you say? Transcendent plateaus, distant sandy lands, vast ancient kingdoms. Yours was not the first, nor will it be the last, but it's a unique and special thing nonetheless.
Now, with my duties here finished, it's time I made graceful departure. Till next time my friend. Tis a long road we tread, but a joyous one.
Until our paths cross again...

Dream Nailed ...Wyrms pull bugs into their thrall,

Till ages pass and kingdoms fall,
Caps and shells may fall to dust,
But Mr Mushroom readjusts...


He can be found in 7 different locations. Each one must be visited in the order described on the Riddle Tablet in order for him to progress to the next location.


Achievement Passing of the Age {S} Passing of the Age
Aid the Herald in moving on



  • Mister Mushroom is one of the few NPCs who can be "hit" with the Nail without taking damage. The other five being the GrubfatherSteel Soul JinnBardoonMillibelle, and the Midwife.
  • Mister Mushroom was originally created to fill up the empty room where Cornifer used to be in the Fungal Wastes.[2]
  • Mister Mushroom's first dialogue is a likely reference to Team Cherry's entry 'Hungry Knight' for the Ludum Dare Game Jam 27, in which they first used the character that became the Knight. In the game, the player has to keep feeding on cherries dropped by enemies and kill three bosses (whose icons look similar to the Dreamers') to resurrect a friend.
  • Once Mister Mushroom leaves after listening to him, the Dream Nail can be used on the spot he was in which will still activate his Dream Nail dialogue. This works in every area he appears except for King's Pass.


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