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  • I live in On earth
  • My occupation is Being lonely as hecc
  • I am M a l e
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  • Right now i'm serving my punishment, so i probably wont be Active that much. i usually visit this place for getting drawing ideas. so yeah. i goofed around, got punished, and i gotta own up for it. So yeah. Probably wont be active.

    P.S: Please, dont make the same kinda mistake i did. Just follow the rules, and please behave. (Ironic coming from the guy blocked for a year, i know)

    so yep. That's all folks. (Until next year)

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    • ^Regarding newer users to my account possibly wondering why i havent been active for like a year heh, just gotta let ppl know.

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  • This is regarding my block, i was a bit curious as to what you meant by "Spam", that meaning i would just like to know what i did that was considered spam. Also, did i recieve a warning, or did i miss it?

    Also, one more thing... that ban says a year, correct?

    Please note, i dont want this to sound insulting or mean in any way, i just wanted to know what happened to lead up to my block.

    Thanks In Advance.

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  • Welcome

    Hello User:WubboxwithaGun, and welcome to the Hollow Knight wiki. Thank you for your edit to Primal Aspid!

    Please make sure you check out the Editing Guidelines page to familiarise yourself with formatting and rules of thumb and To-Do page to see what areas need help and what pages are currently being worked on. Please also familiarise yourself with our Rules of Conduct.

    As always, feel free to contact me or add a comment to an article if you need help or have questions. You can also join the Wiki Discord here.
    Happy editing!
    The Embraced One

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