Menu Styles are used to customize the main menu of Hollow Knight. In addition to their main appearance changes, each one comes with its own unique background sound effect. There are 10 different menu styles that can be chosen, with some of them having specific unlock conditions.

They can be changed in the Extras tab of the main menu.


The Classic menu style is close to the original one that came with the release of the game (slightly lighter and wider than the original menu style). This menu style has the sound effect of rustling grass.

Hidden Dreams Icon.png Hidden Dreams and Grimm Troupe Icon.png The Grimm Troupe

While the Hidden Dreams and The Grimm Troupe menu styles were added for their respective updates, the option to customize and switch between the different menu styles was not implemented until the Lifeblood Icon.png Lifeblood Update.

The two menu styles are always available to choose in the main menu. The Hidden Dreams menu style has a shimmering sound effect, while The Grimm Troupe menu style has the sound of fire crackling.

Lifeblood Icon.png Lifeblood

The Lifeblood Update also introduced the Lifeblood, Infected, Void and Steel Soul menu styles; all but Lifeblood had specific unlock requirements that needed to be met in-game.

The Lifeblood menu style starts out already unlocked in the menu. Like the Classic menu style, it has the sound effect of rustling grass.

The Infected menu style requires the Hollow Knight ending or the Sealed Siblings ending to be completed. This style has a low heartbeat-like sound effect.

The Void menu style requires the Dream No More ending to be completed. This menu style has a colour desaturating effect that applies to the saves menu. It also features the ambient audio of the Abyss.

The Steel Soul menu style requires completing any ending while playing in Steel Soul Mode. It has the same colour desaturation as the Void style. It has a crystal shimmering sound effect.

Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster

The Godmaster menu style came with its respective content pack along with the Eternal Ordeal menu style.

The Godmaster menu style is always unlocked. It has a shining or tuning sound effect.

The Eternal Ordeal menu style requires defeating 57 Zotelings in the Eternal Ordeal. It features a cover of Zote singing the main menu track that replaces the original music. Flowing water can also be heard in the background.

Voidheart Edition

Lastly, the Voidheart Edition also introduced its own custom menu style. Like the content pack-themed menu styles, it is always unlocked in the main menu. It has a cave wind sound effect.


  • A different variant of the Godmaster menu style was data-mined and leaked prior to the content pack's release.[1]


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