Family of creatures that have learnt to bulk up with moss and live as one.

There is strength in numbers, yes, but these creatures never had much strength to begin with. Cut through their trickery!

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The Massive Moss Charger is an optional mini-boss in Hollow Knight. It lies off the Pilgrim's Way in Greenpath.

In-game events

The Massive Moss Charger can be found below a ruined structure, just off the Pilgrim's Way before leaving Greenpath for the Fog Canyon. It first appears as a large bush but starts shaking as the Knight approaches and eventually roars before giving chase. Once defeated, it is revealed to be a group of Moss Chargers (without their moss) which scurry away and crawl underground.

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Fighting the Massive Moss Charger is not necessary to progress past its room.

Behaviour and Tactics

The Massive Moss Charger has two attacks:

  • Charge: The Massive Moss Charger charges forward, much like a regular Moss Charger
  • Belly-flop: The Massive Moss Charger hops in the air toward the Knight and slams into the ground

Unlike regular Moss Chargers, hitting it does not expose the vulnerable bug within the moss.

Standing near the edge of the room often results in the Massive Moss Charger getting stuck on the edge for a fraction of a second during its Belly-flop attack. This can be used to buy time and dash out of the way.

Having the Quick Slash and/or Heavy Blow Charms equipped results in the only action needed being rapidly attacking while the Massive Moss Charger is in its Charge animation.

Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster Content

Statue Massive Moss Charger.png
Massive Moss Charger
Hall of Gods text: "Together we hunt in paths overgrown with green"
"Restless god of those who band together"

Pantheon Pantheon of the Master, 4th boss
Health Attuned Badge.png 480
Ascended Badge.png 850
Radiant Badge.png
Arena changes The arena is wider than in the base game when on Ascended or higher difficulty.

Dream Nail Dialogue Essence.png

  • ...Light...Danger...
  • ...Safe...Dark...
  • ...Hungry...Hungry...
  • ...Scared...
  • ...Eat...When...
  • ...Kill...Hurt...
  • ...Away. Away...
  • ...Pain...


The Massive Moss Charger is located in the southwest part of Greenpath near Fog Canyon.



  • The Massive Moss Charger is revealed to be four regular Moss Chargers all living together.
    • The Moss Chargers spawned after defeating this enemy cannot be killed, and it does not respawn, unlike its smaller counterparts.
  • The Massive Moss Charger does not attack and stays buried in the ground if the Knight is not touching the ground.
  • The Knight can leave the arena at any time.
  • Godmaster Icon.png During the Nintendo Treehouse Live during E3 2018, the Massive Moss Charger was named "Mega Moss Charger", which is also its file name.
  • In Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster, the Massive Moss Charger, the Vengefly King, and the Soul Warrior appear as regular bosses.
  • The Massive Moss Charger currently uses the same Hunter's Journal icon as the Moss Charger. Before the Lifeblood Icon.png Lifeblood update, the Massive Moss Charger used a unique Hunter's Journal icon. Another cut Hunter's Journal icon for the Massive Moss Charger also exists in the files which was never used in the game.
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