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Mask Shards are Items in Hollow Knight that are used to increase the Knight's health.


Mask Shards are parts of Ancient Masks. 4 Mask Shards are needed to complete an Ancient Mask, which increases the Knight's health by one.

With a total of 16 Mask Shards in the game, the Knight can increase their Mask count by 4, for a maximum of 9, not counting bonuses from Charms and Lifeblood Cocoons.

How to Acquire

There are a total of 16 Masks Shards to be found in the game:

Source Conditions / Requirements Map
1. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo.png 150
  • Shop description:
This old thing? Merely a fragment of something larger. Still, maybe you can make some use of it.
Requires finding Sly in Forgotten Crossroads Mapshot HK Simple Key 1.png
2. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo.png 500
  • Shop description:
I found another of these. If you look closely, there's some nice engraving work on them.
I suspect I undercharged last time, and this is the only one left. It's gonna cost you!
Requires finding Sly in Forgotten Crossroads
3. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo.png 800
  • Shop description:
You're collecting these, aren't you? Well you're in luck, I found another in my storeroom.
This is the last one though, so it's priced accordingly.
Requires both finding Sly and having the Shopkeeper's Key
4. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo.png 1500
  • Shop description:
As it turns out, I do actually have one more of these shards left. Very last one!
I feel bad charging you so much for the previous shards, especially because it means I have to charge even more for this one.
Requires both finding Sly and having the Shopkeeper's Key
5. Far West of the Forgotten Crossroads Reward for defeating Brooding Mawlek Mapshot HK Brooding Mawlek 01.jpg
6. Given by Grubfather Requires rescuing 5 Grubs Mapshot HK Mask Shard 02.png
7. Forgotten Crossroads South of False Knight where the Goams are Mantis Claw recommended Mapshot HK Mask Shard 03.png
8. In Queen's Station, near East side Requires Mantis Claw Mapshot HK Mask Shard 04.png
9. Found in Bretta's house in Dirtmouth Requires rescuing Bretta from Fungal Wastes Mapshot HK Zote 02.png
10. Found in Stone Sanctuary in Greenpath Lumafly Lantern recommended Mapshot HK No Eyes 01.png
11. Royal Waterways NW section, swim left under main path n/a Mapshot HK Mask Shard 07.png
12. Found in Deepnest through Fungal Core, near Mantis Lords Requires Monarch Wings Mapshot HK Mask Shard 08.png
13. Reward from Enraged Guardian Requires Monarch Wings Mapshot HK Mask Shard 09.png
14. Found behind a wall in the Hive Requires baiting a Hive Guardian into breaking a wall Mapshot HK Mask Shard 10.png
15. Given by the Seer Requires collecting 1500 Essence Mapshot HK Seer 01.png
16. Given by Grey Mourner in the Resting Grounds Requires completing the Delicate Flower quest Mapshot HK Mask Shard 11.png


Achievement Protected.png Protected
Acquire 4 Mask Shards
Achievement Masked.png Masked
Acquire all Mask Shards


  • The A Weird and Wonderful World trailer shows that an early name for the Mask Shard was "Grey Mask Shard".[1] In the Ferocious Foes trailer, it was called a "Shell Fragment".[2]
  • The music heard after acquiring four Mask Shards originates from a short sample track that was posted when Christopher Larkin was hired as the game's composer.[3]
  • If the Knight has extra Lifeblood Masks when the number of Masks is increased, the Mask gained overlaps a Lifeblood Mask, creating a white Mask that drips and has a blue background like a Lifeblood Mask. However, both Masks remain and taking damage removes the Lifeblood Mask first.
  • Having the Joni's Blessing Charm equipped when the number of Masks is increased has no effect on the Knight's current health. It is only updated when resting at a Bench.