The Mask Maker is found in the northwest corner of Deepnest. They sit behind a desk surrounded by masks of all shapes and sizes, mumbling to themselves and frantically working on simultaneously carving and painting more masks.

They compare a mask to a face and say that a face is needed to define, to focus, and to exist. While they say that they will provide "for this kingdom’s faceless", there are very few bugs who are confirmed to be wearing masks. Moreover, none of the masks which can be seen in their room correspond to the head of any bug found in Hallownest. Mask Maker also comments on this, claiming that in Hallownest it is difficult to decipher whether a bug’s face is a mask or their actual face.

Performing Desolate Dive or Descending Dark on them reveals a grey face with swirling eyes. However, Mask Maker mentions that this face may simply be "another mask".



First encounter

Is it mask or face upon the creature? In Hallownest, a difficult thing it can be to decipher.

Talking again

A wonderful thing to have, a face. Not a thing with which we all are blessed.

For this kingdom's faceless, I shall provide.  

A mask! A face! Does it need one? Does it not? To define. To focus. To exist.

When unmasked

It sees the face beneath! Or could it be just another mask?

Truth in Hallownest is always buried deep. How many layers will it pry through?

To change a face; to conceal it fully within another... A powerful protection that is, but one with sad consequence.

The original mind is destroyed, though those of striking will may still retain a sliver of that concealed self.

Unmasked after acquiring King's Brand

I see another takes mantle of king? Then grim responsibility that shall bestow.

No bug has ever laid claim to this whole. Even the beasts knew their limits and bound their realm at Nest's edge.

It is the ancient caste that made attempt at such vast rule. Hallownest's ruin reflects well those fared attempts.

Unmasked after acquiring Shade Cloak

Has it witnessed that truth most tragic? The Wyrm's great shame sealed away.

Now this Kingdom's stasis becomes the Wyrm's legacy.

Talking again after unmasking

Faces I grant to all who'd request. Not task for I, but aid, gift to a world deserving.

Dream Nailed

...Does it know of the face that hides beneath? Such remarkable contrast the Wyrm conceived....


  • Upon entering the room, the Mask Maker has a chance of wearing one of three different masks.