The Lumafly Lantern is an Item in Hollow Knight.


In dark areas, the Lumafly Lantern brightens up the area around the Knight, giving more visibility and allowing them to pay tolls to open Benches or doors.

It is also required to fight No Eyes at the Stone Sanctuary.

The following maps show all areas and which parts of the areas the Lumafly Lantern applies to. The Lumafly Lantern is not used in Fog CanyonFungal WastesKingdom's Edge, and the Hive.

How to acquire

  • Can be purchased from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo.png1800.
    • Shop description:
What's more important? A light to guide your way, or a friend who'll stay by your side?
Why not both? Take this bright little fellow as your companion and he'll light your way through the thickest darkness.

Locations of Use

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