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Lord Fool, give me another chance. I'll prove my strength to you!
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Lord Fool was a bug who oversaw the Trials at the Colosseum of Fools. While they appear to be long dead as of the events of Hollow Knight, their corpse still remains seated on the throne in the Colosseum as if observing the Trials.

Lord Fool's corpse in the arena

Little is known about Lord Fool aside from their appearance, and the fact that they were powerful enough for the warriors of the Colosseum to respect them.

Little Fool does not seem aware of Lord Fool's demise.[1] The crowd in the arena is either unaware or simply does not care.


Fool icon

  • Lord Fool can also be seen in the Fool achievement icon.


  1. Little Fool: "Lord Fool, give me another chance. I'll prove my strength to you!"