Small scuttling seed filled with Lifeblood, which can be extracted and consumed for its healthful properties.

The bright liquid inside of these little fellows is delicious, and drinking it will make you feel stronger. I wonder how my own innards taste... would it be a heinous thing to try and drink some?

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Lifeseeds are enemies in Hollow Knight. They are small seeds which are often found huddled together in Lifeblood Cocoons.[1][2] Lifeseeds contain Lifeblood, a blue liquid which invigorates the body when it is consumed.[2]

Behaviour and Tactics

Lifeseeds are birthed from destroyed Lifeblood Cocoons and run away from the Knight. When killed, they grant 1 Lifeblood Mask. Grimm Troupe Icon.png Grimmchild and the Weaverlings spawned by Grimm Troupe Icon.png Weaversong cannot kill Lifeseeds, although they still try to attack them. Hatchlings spawned by Glowing Womb are able to kill Lifeseeds.

Lifeseeds do not give SOUL when killed but do give SOUL when Dream Nailed.

Unlike Charms that grant Lifeblood Masks (Lifeblood Heart, Lifeblood Core, and Joni's Blessing), Lifeblood Masks granted by Lifeseeds are temporary and disappear when resting at a Bench.


They spawn from breaking Lifeblood Cocoons, therefore, Lifeseeds can be found wherever there is a cocoon.



  • With the Joni's Blessing Charm equipped, Lifeseeds flock towards the Knight instead of running away.
  • Cannot be read by Dream Nail but do give SOUL when Dream Nailed.

Cut Lifeseed.png

  • There is a cut version of the Lifeseed that features wings and would presumably be able to fly away instead of run.


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