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For the content pack, released on 20 April, 2018, see Lifeblood.
Lifeblood Cocoon.png

A Lifeblood Cocoon is a large sac filled with Lifeblood found in various places throughout Hallownest. When struck, it spawns 2-5 Lifeseeds. Each Lifeseed that is killed is absorbed for 1 Lifeblood Mask which is added on top of the Knight's regular Masks. The number of Lifeseeds spawned depends on which Cocoon is destroyed.

All Lifeblood Masks from Cocoons are lost upon entering any Dream or resting at any Bench. Cocoons respawn when the Knight rests at a Bench.

The location of a hidden Cocoon may be hinted at by the distinct blue butterfly-like plants growing around the path leading up to it. Occasionally, the Cocoon itself makes quiet chirping sounds, further hinting at its presence.

Map Pin Cocoon.png

A Cocoon Pin may be purchased from Iselda for Geo.png 100, which marks the locations of all discovered Lifeblood Cocoons on any purchased Maps.


Area Location Lifeseeds
King's Pass Northwest of the Focus tutorial sign. 2
Ancestral Mound Northwest of the Elder Baldur. 2
Greenpath Behind a breakable wall above where a Moss Knight is first encountered. 2
Fog Canyon Above a hallway filled with Charged Lumaflies. 3
Fungal Wastes In the Mantis Lords arena, in the upper left corner behind a breakable wall. 2
Failed Tramway In a secret room at the top of the sub-area. 2
Deepnest Directly above the arena where Galien is fought. 3
Kingdom's Edge Within a secret path below Bardoon. 3
Godmaster Icon.png Godmaster Content

Godhome Locked Lifeblood Door.png
Blue Dream2.png

Within Godhome, on the bottom floor to the left of the entrance to the Hall of Gods, is a locked door with several notches. Whenever a Pantheon is completed with one or more bindings active, the same number of notches light up with a blue glow. A given binding in a given Pantheon can only be counted once. A minimum of 8 bindings must be completed to open the door.

Upon entering the room, a blue dreamcatcher can be found attached to the ceiling. Using the Dream Nail on it adds Lifeblood Cocoons to every Bench in the Pantheons. The number of Lifeseeds that spawn from the Cocoons depends on the number of bindings completed:

  • Completing 8 bindings - 3 Lifeseeds per Cocoon.
  • Completing 4 additional bindings (12 total) - 4 Lifeseeds per Cocoon.
  • Completing 4 additional bindings (16 total) - 5 Lifeseeds per Cocoon.



  • Prior to the Lifeblood Icon.png Lifeblood update, all Lifeblood Cocoons contained a random number of Lifeseeds from 2 to 4.
  • Prior to the Voidheart Edition, the Lifeblood Cocoons in Pantheons gave one less Lifeseed.
  • The location of the Lifeblood Cocoon in the Failed Tramway is marked on the Map even if the Cocoon Pin has not been purchased from Iselda.