Guard construct of Hallownest's Palace and skilled wielder of the curved claw-blade. Its heavy white armour protects a fragile body.

They say the old King died long ago, but his influence echoes around us still. A creature like that... what did he desire?

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Kingsmoulds are enemies in Hollow Knight. They are Void constructs who were made by the Pale King to serve as guards in and around White Palace.[1][2]

Behaviour and Tactics

Kingsmoulds have two attacks:

  • Boomerang: They throw their claw-blade at the Knight that then returns to them in a similar fashion to a boomerang.
  • Swipe: They slash at the Knight in a wide arch up to three times consecutively.

Upon seeing the Knight they stomp twice and then attack. When triggered they deal two masks of damage with every attack and attack at a very fast pace, making them a formidable foe. Contact damage, however, only deals one mask of damage. They do not respawn upon death except for the ones in the Path of Pain.

Kingsmoulds are also immune to spells if stationary and not yet activated in combat.

Dream Nail Dialogue Essence
  • ...Defend...
  • ...Kill...


This enemy is found within the White Palace, but there is a corpse of a Kingsmould in the Palace Grounds.



Dusk knight palace grounds
  • The corpse of the Kingsmould in the Palace Grounds can be struck with the Awoken Dream Nail to access the White Palace. Its mind is protected by a strong Seal that appears to be made of Essence, which can be seen when the un-awoken Dream Nail is used on its corpse.
  • Once defeated their armour will fall away, revealing a Void being that will slowly melt away.
  • It is stated by Team Cherry in a Reddit AMA that the Kingsmould is what is left of the planned "Dusk Knight" and "King's Golem" bosses.[3]
    • They are referred to as "dusk_knight" in the game's files.


  1. Kingsmould Hunter's Journal entry: "Guard construct of Hallownest's Palace and skilled wielder of the curved claw-blade. Its heavy white armour protects a fragile body."
  2. The hidden workshop in White Palace.
  3. Reddit AMA answer concerning the Kingsmould.
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