King's Idols are idols made of a mysterious white metal that depict the Pale King.[1] They are found in various locations throughout Hallownest. Since the Pale King was rarely seen, worship was offered through these idols.[2] Every idol is subtly different, and Relic Seeker Lemm suspects that each of them was tailored to the owner.[3]


Can be sold to Relic Seeker Lemm for Geo800.

How to Acquire

There are a total of 8 King's Idols that can be obtained:


  1. Relic Seeker Lemm King's Idol shop description: "An icon of Hallownest's King, who was revered as both a god and a ruler. Made out of a mysterious white material, these are rare and very valuable."
  2. Relic Seeker Lemm: "Hallownest's king was an elusive figure, deified by the citizens. With the king rarely seen, worship was offered through these idols. "
  3. Relic Seeker Lemm: "If you look closely, each of these idols is subtly different. There are fine engravings about them that take some time to decipher. I suspect each was tailored to the owner. A personalised symbol of the king's omnipotence."
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