The King's Brand is an Item in Hollow Knight. It marks anyone who bears it as the King of Hallownest.


Allows access to the door at the bottom of the Ancient Basin leading to the Abyss, which is required to unlock four Endings. Also adds new dialogue for Bardoon, Eternal Emilitia, Mask Maker, Grey Mourner, Steel Soul Jinn, Midwife, and the White Lady.

How to Acquire

The King's Brand is located in the Cast-Off Shell in Kingdom's Edge, guarded by Hornet. After Hornet is defeated, the King's Brand can be acquired at the very end of the Cast-Off Shell.

Normally requires Monarch Wings to access, but can be accessed early by nail-jumping on a Primal Aspid.


  • After the Knight gets marked with the King's Brand, the Cast-Off Shell will start falling apart. Hornet will save the Knight from being buried under the shell's pieces.
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