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Joni's Blessing is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It changes all Masks to Lifeblood Masks and increases Masks by 40% (rounded up). When selecting the Godmaster Icon.png Shell binding in the Godmaster Icon.png Pantheons, it increases Masks from 4 to 7 (10 with Fragile Heart/Grimm Troupe Icon.png Unbreakable Heart).

Number of Lifeblood Masks

Masks Lifeblood Masks
5 7
6 9
7 10
8 12
9 13
10 14
11 16

The 40% increase in Masks granted by Joni's Blessing only takes into account the base Masks and the two Masks added by Fragile/Grimm Troupe Icon.png Unbreakable Heart. Masks added by Lifeblood Heart and Lifeblood Core are not included in the calculation.


Lifeblood mask.png

When having Joni's Blessing equipped it becomes easier to enter the Lifeblood Core room in the Abyss. With 8-9 Masks and Fragile Heart/Grimm Troupe Icon.png Unbreakable Heart or Lifeblood Heart, it is easy to make the 15-Mask threshold, thus earning Lifeblood Core.

As with Lifeblood Heart and Lifeblood Core, Joni's Blessing is more useful in a Spell-focused build where SOUL can be used to cast Spells rather than heal. As such, it should be saved for later in the game when more Notches have been acquired, but Lifeblood Core remains inaccessible.

However, Lifeblood Core is usually a more efficient Charm for adding survivability in the endgame than Joni's Blessing; 4 Lifeblood Masks are gained with either Charm (going from 9 to 13 Masks), but Lifeblood Core only costs 3 Notches and does not prevent healing.

How to Acquire

Found in Joni's Repose in the Howling Cliffs. The Charm is resting on the corpse of Blue Child Joni.

Charm Synergies


Hiveblood Jonis Blessing Mask.png
Hiveblood can regenerate Lifeblood Masks granted by Joni's Blessing, though it takes twice as long (20 seconds).

(Hiveblood does not affect Lifeblood Masks not directly gained through Joni's Blessing.)

Charm Combo Tips

Grubberfly's Elegy.png

Grubberfly's Elegy
Lifeblood Masks from Joni's Blessing are not treated like normal Lifeblood Masks, and instead are treated like actual Masks. This makes Grubberfly's Elegy only trigger when the Knight is at the maximum number of Masks.
Fragile Heart.png

Fragile Heart
Joni's Blessing includes the Masks given by Fragile/Grimm Troupe Icon.png Unbreakable Heart when calculating its Mask bonus.
Lifeblood Heart.png

Lifeblood Heart
Stacks with both Lifeblood Heart and Lifeblood Core.
Lifeblood Core.png

Lifeblood Core
Stacks with both Lifeblood Heart and Lifeblood Core.
Shaman Stone.png

Shaman Stone
Since Shaman Stone is used in Spell-casting-focused builds, it is good to combine it with Joni's Blessing in battles where healing is difficult or impossible.


  • Reaching 1 Mask while having this Charm equipped does not create black streaks across the screen.
  • If the Knight dies, the HUD displays a single empty Mask, representing a maximum of 1 regular Mask. This affects the Knight's Shade health and causes it to die in one hit.
    • There is a glitch where the Knight occasionally gains one additional Mask after they have taken damage to what is supposedly their last available Lifeblood Mask. This additional Mask is a normal white Mask but is covered in the black fog effect until destroyed.
  • The actual formula of Lifeblood masks (as in code) is: (int)((float)max_health * 1.4) + 1. For max health 5 and 10, floating point precision problem cause 5 * 1.4 = 6.999999 and 10 * 1.4 = 13.999999, resulting 7 and 14 Lifeblood Masks, respectively.
Charm Compendium
Main Game
Wayward Compass.png

Wayward Compass
Gathering Swarm.png

Gathering Swarm
Stalwart Shell.png

Stalwart Shell
Soul Catcher.png

Soul Catcher
Shaman Stone.png

Shaman Stone
Soul Eater.png

Soul Eater

Thorns of Agony.png

Thorns of Agony
Fury of the Fallen.png

Fury of the Fallen
Fragile Heart.png

Fragile Heart
Fragile Greed.png

Fragile Greed
Fragile Strength.png

Fragile Strength
Spell Twister.png

Spell Twister
Steady Body.png

Steady Body
Heavy Blow.png

Heavy Blow
Quick Slash.png

Quick Slash

Mark of Pride.png

Mark of Pride
Baldur Shell.png

Baldur Shell

Defender's Crest.png

Defender's Crest
Glowing Womb.png

Glowing Womb
Quick Focus.png

Quick Focus
Deep Focus.png

Deep Focus
Lifeblood Heart.png

Lifeblood Heart
Lifeblood Core.png

Lifeblood Core
Joni's Blessing.png

Joni's Blessing

Grubberfly's Elegy.png

Grubberfly's Elegy

Spore Shroom.png

Spore Shroom
Sharp Shadow.png

Sharp Shadow
Shape of Unn.png

Shape of Unn
Nailmaster's Glory.png

Nailmaster's Glory
Dream Wielder.png

Dream Wielder

Void Heart.png

Void Heart

Unbreakable Heart.png

Unbreakable Heart
Unbreakable Greed.png

Unbreakable Greed
Unbreakable Strength.png

Unbreakable Strength



Carefree Melody.png

Carefree Melody