The remains of a great Hallownest Crossguard, animated by a strange force. Instinct still drives it to guard its post against intruders.

Larger and stronger than their brothers, these bugs are still forced to steal their weapons from the remains of other creatures. They do not roam or hunt, forever standing guard and lashing out at anything that wanders near.

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Husk Guards are enemies in Hollow Knight. In life, these bugs used to be guards of the Forgotten Crossroads.[1] Reanimated after death, they still instinctually guard their former posts.[1]

 Behaviour and Tactics

Stands in place until disturbed. Once engaged, it rushes into battle, using two attacks:

  • Overhead Slam: Raises its club and smash it down in an overhead arcing motion. This attack will deal 2 masks of damage.
  • Shockwave: Hops backwards, creating shockwaves that travel horizontally both left and right.

It is possible to hit the Husk Guard once, then run out of its range before it can bring down its club, however, the window to strike is quite small. This is easier later on with the Mothwing Cloak.

If the Husk Guard does a shockwave attack, simply jump over the wave. It is usually possible to jump towards the Husk Guard and get one or two hits in after this attack.

The Husk Guard met before facing False Knight can be damaged from a safe zone, by going on the platform on the right. When it uses their club, its hitbox can be touched.

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  • Remain...At guard...
  • Protect...I must...
  • Come no closer!
  • ...So bright... (Infected Crossroads corpse)
  • ...Tired... (Fog Canyon corpse)
  • ...Drained... (Fog Canyon corpse)


Only two are found in Forgotten Crossroads, one to the east of the False Knight arena and the other right above the north Crystal Peak entrance. Once the Forgotten Crossroads changes to the Infected Crossroads, the Husk Guard near the arena of the False Knight is overcome by the Infection and can not be fought anymore. The one in the northeast is still there, however.



  • Husk Guards drop Geo.png45, a very high amount for an early game enemy and can be used to farm Geo early on. Both guards are located conveniently close to the Stag Station in the Forgotten Crossroads.
  • The Husk Guard near the arena of the False Knight is able to break open the secret wall that leads to Glowing Womb if it is lured to the left side and uses its club bash against the wall.
  • Two Husk Guard corpses can be found on the edge of Fog Canyon in a guard outpost.[2]


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